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Friday, July 22, 2011

Catch that Drop

“75 % of the earth is water” , but this doesn’t hold true for the residents of Baner- Pashan link road, who are facing the water problem since a long time. There is much less supply from the PMC which doesn’t satisfy the core needs of the residents.

Harish whose a resident of Rolling hills society since last 2 yrs has the following observations to share on the platform of Indian real estate forum :

PMC supplied water is inadequate. There is a serious water shortage problem. We have been experiencing this for last years. Utility water is by tankers but still the problem is there due to issues between the tanker water supplier and the society.

Devidas Patil: Destiny's Child

Courage and destiny are two things which Mr. Devidas Patil, Sr.PI, Mundhwa police station believes in. Hailing from Baarsi, a small village in Solapur, he completed his Msc. Mathematics and B.ed., exam from a college in Baarsi and according to him it was a sheer stroke of luck that he opted for MPSC and cleared it at the very first attempt, and that’s how his journey began. He joined police force as a PSI in 1985, first posting being Mumbai, then Nanded and has been in Pune since 1992.

Desi Flavours in US

Cardamom, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, tamarind and clove. These are the enticing flavors of Indian cooking — which, as aficionados of the cuisine know, is pretty much impossible to find here on the East End.

But Pallavi Ghayalod is looking to change that, one cook at a time. Ghayalod, grew up near Mumbai, India and moved to the United States shortly after she and her husband were married when she was 19. That was 17 years ago, and the couple now have two children and have lived all over the country, including in Cincinnati, Phoenix, Miami and New York.

Art of Parenting

Welcome to the world of parenting.The toughest job and the most important job on this earth. But how many of us are really equipped to do this? If one wants to be a doctor,you go to a medical college,if one one to be a chef ,you go to a hotel management institute,so on and so forth.But we have nothing to fall back on as far as parenting is concerned.All of us keep questioning our methods of parenting all the time..Hence we thought ofParwa rish Institute of parenting wherein all your queries,doubts ,anxieties regarding parenting can be taken care of .

What will 3g services mean to you.

You have heard the term 3G many times. We explain what 3G is and what it means to you.

The generic term, 3G, is used to denote the next generation of mobile systems designed to support high-speed data transmission (144Kbps and higher) and Internet protocol (IP)-based services in fixed, portable and mobile environments.

Well, simply put, a 3G phone literally enables you to carry the world in your pocket.

Vasota a thrilling jungle experience

First hand report of a trek to Vasota: a fort amidst inaccessable backwaters of Koyna Dam now a part of Sahyadri Tiger reserve.

I woke up in morning, I felt the city buzz and not in a good way. On my way to office I faced Traffic, pollution. I saw a concrete jungle everywhere. Though I have a lot of structured surroundings near home the situation in major cities like Pune is alarming. Hill slopes are destroyed, trees are cut, rivers are blocked and what we face is urban nightmare. Add to that carbon pollution, noise pollution, traffic chaos, inflation, corruption; it’s unbearable. Just as people in the Arab world are doing it, it was time for me to revolt. I revolted and headed towards Vasota, a fort amidst Koyna backwaters. And I was successful in my revolution. I was now refreshed and ready to survive in good old bad cityscape...

Uprising in India

As one closely follows mass uprisings in Arab world, one gets great insight. We Indians hardly know about lives of people in Tunisia or Yemen or egypt (leave aside few songs shot near pyramids). What resulted in such an extreme step taken? How was it made possible for people to communicate and organize protest? Who led the people? Was there any financing involved to sponsor this? Role of web2.0 is also matter for research. It’s very intriguing indeed. But that’s beyond the point.

Cheering for India at Nagpur

Cityblog reader Gautam Naik was at Nagpur to witness India VS S. Africa WC match. He writes his first hand experience.

Imagine the scene: 50,000 people walking out. All are crestfallen. Some are silent, some are cursing. Some are very anxious to get out their car from the parking mess. Some are very hungry, some thirsty for spirits. That was 10 45 pm at Nagpur outside VCA Jamtha stadium just after Robin Peterson hit Nehra the winning boundary. Some clever people had rushed out immediately after Peterson hit second ball for six over long on: farthest point where we were sitting.
Just imagine reverse scenario if Peterson would have giving catch to bhajji at long on or nehra would have been able to produce some dot balls.... The same crowd would have seen dancing out of stadium amidst drums bugles, flags, shouting ‘India-India’. Many would have waited till Man of the match interview to end.... And i would have ended my dream come true in most ideal pattern.