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Friday, July 22, 2011

What will 3g services mean to you.

You have heard the term 3G many times. We explain what 3G is and what it means to you.

The generic term, 3G, is used to denote the next generation of mobile systems designed to support high-speed data transmission (144Kbps and higher) and Internet protocol (IP)-based services in fixed, portable and mobile environments.

Well, simply put, a 3G phone literally enables you to carry the world in your pocket.

You can whip out your mobile phone to check out your favourite late night television series, view the video highlights of the party you went to the previous night and still have a hangover from, take on your office buddy, who works in another office wing, in an exciting football game, use your phone as a jukebox to listen to a streaming audio version of the latest hit song, then pause the song to take a call from the boss.

You can call you friend and have a video call facility. The clarity is good and the facility can be enjoyed as long as both of you are using the 3G technology.

And that’s just for starters.

Consider this: your mobile will work for you even while you sleep. It will set your travel schedule and check for jams along your route, whether you take the car/bus or the train. It will be both your cash and plastic in one, a one-instrument payment system to pay for your tickets and your purchases by simply texting the bank.

It will be your one-stop entertainment box that will hold all your music files, tuned to download programmes that will hold your individual interest while you’re on the move or in your spare moments. It will work out what to do with incoming phone calls and messages -- directing voice calls to voicemail when you are in a meeting for instance, but providing a discreet text summary of the caller and the nature of the call.

3G networks are said to have potential transfer speeds of up to 7 Mbps (about 7 seconds to download a 3-minute MP3 song). In comparison, today with the some 2G phones you can download a 3-minute song in roughly about 8 minutes.

Benefits of 3G

n High quality voice service: The quality of voice falls under 3G will be much higher compared to 2G services.

n Enhanced content services: 3G users can download full music files, full movie files and other files at high speed.

n Mobile Broadband: A 3G User can use his handset for high speed Internet any time anywhere (where connectivity is available, that is.)

n Video services: 3G users can enjoy the video call facility wherein both the caller and receiver will be able to see each other while speaking if both have 3G services and 3G-enabled handsets:  3G enables its users to send video mails and video clips.

n Mobile TV: 3G users can watch TV programmes of different video channels as per his liking while on the move.


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