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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cityblog Salute

Cityblog Feature: Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions: Dulce de Espana – Crème Catalana

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions

Dulce de Espana – Crème Catalana

Barcelona as I came across, is a dreamy, romantic and mesmerising city, an inimitable potpourri of the world’s most amazing architectural wonders subtly intertwined with the countless alluring cafes around every corner where I would indulge myself into some totally delectable tapas, paella and some unbelievably delicious sea food preparations; and a shopping haven with exclusive and brand stores displaying some really chic and elegant collections that one can fall in love with at first sight. 

Generally in Barcelona, I found that people dressed up with a lot of taste and sophistication. I visited Spain when the weather was still cold, and I soaked my eyes in the elegance and appeal that the winter couture of men and women around us exuberated as we moved around in the heart of the city’s shopping places. So in addition to my unforgettable Spanish Cuisine rendezvous, the haute couture shopping pursuits there, can very much be added to the list of reasons why I fell in love with Barcelona. 

Actually, I was able to draw an analogy between the style quotient of Barcelona and their passion for culinary sophistication.  There’s the same panache, passion and essence in the couture and cuisine. 

Simple yet sophisticated;

familiar yet mysterious;

blended and yet very distinct……..

Duga radar: Enormous station is hidden in forests of Chernobyl

The peaceful untouched forest north of Ukraine's capital, Kiev, is a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors -- save for one fact.
It contains the radiation-contaminated Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, established in 1986 after the world's worst nuclear disaster sent a wave of radiation fallout across Europe.
Since 2011 it's been a major draw for adventurous tourists, but the forests here conceal another legacy of the Cold War, with a far more sinister and mysterious reputation.
The Duga radar. 

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Cityblog Feature: PJ of the Day

You will get caught 45 times if you commit 90 sins..why..
sin 90 = cot 45!

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Talking to an airport? Booking a para-sail in advance? It's the future of travel tech

Imagine a travel search engine so smart it can find you a hotel based on your kids' favorite activities.
Or an app that finds you a better hotel rate just by reading your receipt.
Or a bot that answers personalized travel questions, like where your departure gate is located.
Travelers will soon find all these features online - and in some cases, already can - as attendees of the second Future of Travel Tech Summit, hosted by LAB Miami Ventures at The Historic Lyric Theater, learned recently. More than 400 registered participants, as well as representatives from some of the biggest brands and investors in the travel tech space, took part.

Cityblog Special: Green Transport

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Professor How can you prevent diseases caused by biting insects.

Student: Don-t bite any

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Website

Do you want more organic search traffic to your site?
I’m willing to bet the answer is yes – we all do!
Organic search traffic is critical for growing your website and business. In fact, it’s the source of over half of all site traffic, on average, as compared to just 5% from social media.
Some research claims around 33% of your site’s traffic can be attributed to organic search while others say it can be up to 64% of your traffic.

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Cityblog Feature; PJ of the Day

एका मैत्रिणीची बायपास झाली तिला दुसऱ्या मैत्रिणीने मेसेज केला, 

*Ata tula udya marayala harakat nahi.* 

बायपास झालेल्या मैत्रिणीला चक्कर येणं बाकी होतं. 

कारण तिने वाचल..
*आता तुला उद्या मरायला हरकत नाही* 

परंतु मूळ मेसेज होता..

*आता तुला उड्या मारायला हरकत नाही*


म्हणून मराठी नेहमी *मराठीतूनच लिहावे* 

अन्यथा अर्थाचा अनर्थ होतो.

⛳ *मराठी दिनाच्या तुम्हा सर्वांना हार्दिक शुभेच्छा* ⛳

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cityblog Feature NayakGiri; Jai Hind

(Author Runs blog

Big Thanks to IAF, Army, Home and Defense ministries and PM for befitting response to attacks. Best tributes to martyrs on Savarkar Memorial Day.

This is a day when one wants to spend whole time on social media. Enemies outside and within are active and we will need to be extremely cautious and responsible citizens. But it’s not the time to get carried away in euphoria. It is the time to be vigilant, united Indians as good citizens ignoring all internal divisions of cast religion etc. Let’s not allow fake intellectuals, political opportunists, arm chair thinkers divide us and use vested media to create hype on nonexistent intolerance, fear etc. Now where are those who wanted to inquire NSA? Though this time there is a deafening silence on veracity of whether strikes actually happened like last strikes but acceptance from Pak has left them without any excuse. Thus they have joined bandwagon to congratulate defense (rightfully so) while ignoring the role of Political leadership and will. This political will was lacking in India since Independence rendering India helpless against terror (remember 26/11 response).  I remember all moments like 93 Mumbai blasts, 26/7 train bombings, Kandahar, Akshardham attacks, 26/11, all those bombs everywhere. We had almost five years of terror free reign though sinister intents tried through Naxalism, Kashmir, NE insurgencies. But we will not take anything lying down. Yeh Naya Hindustan hai...

Though we may not have ended terror but posturing has been great irrespective of results and Pak's position is weakened eitherways. Also now it has given message to international media that india can strike despite threat posed by a  nuclear state like Pakistan which was deterrant for Indian cause due to international community.

Jai Hind.....Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Ye Naya Hindusthan Hai..

Cityblog Feature: PJ of the Day

पाकिस्तान च कस🤔 झालं माहित आहे का अभ्यास केला "आर्मी" चा आणि पेपर आला 🛩🛬 *"Airforce"चा*😂😂😂😂😂😅

Cityblog From the Past


Date: 26 January 1992, 
Location: Lal Chowk, Srinagar, J&K

Terrorists had announced that if anyone comes to Lal Chowk, Srinagar and hoists the national flag, then they won't return back alive to their home 

Seperatists also supported this but 2 people from BJP accepted the challenge and started their journey from Kanyakumari and reached Jammu on morning of 26 January 1992. From there they took a helicopter to reach Srinagar and in a event which lasted 15 minutes, they hoisted the national flag and concluded the event by singing the national anthem

Salute to Veer Savarkar

देशाच्या सीमा चरख्याच्या सुताने नव्हे तर तलवारीच्या टोकाने आखायच्या असतात.
वि. दा. सावरकर
स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर पुण्यतिथी भारतीय सैन्याने साजरी केली, आज पहाटे! खऱ्या अर्थाने 
हे अधम रक्तरंजिते🙏

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oscars: The real story of the Green Book, the guide that changed how black people traveled in America

In production from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, the book offered a road map for African Americans navigating roads across the country, showing where black drivers and their families could eat, find lodgings, and enjoy themselves without concerns of experiencing racism or humiliation.
The guide has seen a resurgence in attention of late, especially after the release of the controversial Oscar-winning Green Book— a dramatized biopic focused on black musician Don Shirley and Tony Vallelonga, his Italian-American chauffeur and bodyguard — travels through the Deep South during a music tour in the early 1960s.
A new documentary, The Green Book: Guide to Freedom, looks at how the historic travel guide helped black motorists.

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Professor asked a plumber to come to his college, You know why..
Because he wanted to check where the question paper is leaking..

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Why Warren Buffett’s annual letter may not be all happy news

Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders is typically a warts-and-all missive, highlighting good news while also acknowledging missteps.
The letter, alongside Berkshire’s annual report, is scheduled for release at 8 a.m. Eastern on the company’s website, where investors can also comb through Buffett’s past missives. The annual report will put a cap on what’s shaped up to be a strong 2018. Through the first nine months of the fiscal year, Berkshire saw operating profits rise 71% to $19.1 billion versus the same period a year earlier.

Cityblog Special: Cartoon

Cityblog Events Corner

*DURG PUJA 2019*

भारत भर 131 किल्ल्यांवर व
*महाराष्ट्र* सह *पंजाब , दिल्ली , राजस्थान , गुजराथ , दमण ,  मध्या प्रदेश , आंध्र प्रदेश , तामिळनाडू , केरळ , गोवा* पूजा होणार आहे.
भारतात होणाऱ्या पुजेना खालील प्रमाणे 51 किल्ल्यांवर 80 हून जास्त *सरदार घराणी* स्वाताहा पूजेसाठी जाणार आहेत.

*1. FORT SUDHAGAD, Raigad*
Shree Satyasheelraje Dabhade
Shree Suraj Raje Jadhav
Shree Himanshu Pawar 
Shree Pushkar Shivale Patil
Shree Akash Kank
Shree Udaysinha Raje Jadhaverao
Shree Sambhaji Raje Jadhaverao

*2. FORT PAVANGAD, Kolhapur*
Shree.Adhiraj Dafle  Kolhapur⁩

*3. FORT PANHALA, Kolhapur*
Shree Tejsinha Gaikwad
Shree Ranveer Nimbalkar

*4. FORT BELGAM, Karnatak*
Shree Dadaraje Nipankar
Shree Ramesh Raijade

Shree Raje Jadhav