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Saturday, January 19, 2019

How SpaceX’s first astronaut crew is preparing to take on a brand new spacecraft

2019 may finally be the year when American astronauts launch to orbit from American soil again, ending an eight-year drought that started when NASA’s Space Shuttle program shut down in 2011. The inaugural flights of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program are slated to take place in the coming months, and the launches will see privately owned vehicles carrying space agency astronauts for the very first time. If the current schedules hold, California-based SpaceX may be the first one to send its vehicle to space with two NASA astronauts on board.

Both SpaceX and its competitor, aerospace company Boeing, have been tasked by NASA to develop new space capsules that can carry crews to and from low Earth orbit. Boeing created a new vehicle from scratch: the CST-100 Starliner. SpaceX, on the other hand, has been upgrading its Dragon cargo capsule, which is already used to transport supplies to and from the International Space Station. For the last five years, the company has been modifying it to carry much more precious cargo: astronauts.
The end goal for the Commercial Crew Program is to have two new American vehicles that are capable of taking NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station regularly. It’d bring human spaceflight home for NASA. Since the cancellation of the Shuttle program in 2011, NASA has relied on Russia to transport the agency’s astronauts and international partners to the ISS. And by relying on private companies, NASA is getting what it needs while helping to stimulate development in the commercial space industry. Both SpaceX and Boeing are shouldering some of the development costs, too. That will potentially make things much cheaper for NASA than if the space agency oversaw everything directly.

Giridarshan Safari to Tadoba

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The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.

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What did one DNA said to another DNA?
Do these Genes make me look fat?

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Asteroids are smacking Earth twice as often as before

Giant rocks from space are falling from the sky more than they used to, but don't worry.
For the past 290 million years, large asteroids have been crashing into Earth more than twice as often as they did in the previous 700 million years, according to a new study in Thursday's journal Science .
But no need to cast a wary glance up. Asteroids still only smack Earth on average every million or few million years, even with the increased crash rate. NASA's list of potential big space rock crashes shows no pending major threats. The biggest known risk is a 4,200-foot (1.3-km) wide asteroid with a 99.988 percent chance that it will miss Earth when it whizzes very near here in 861 years.

Cityblog Science Club: 2018 Genetics Review

Cityblog introduces Science club for young and old interested readers. This section is edited by  Riya Naik (CT USA)

Pls visit  to know more and write to us at to contribute here

2018 Genetics Review

As we enter into the year 2019, we expect more scientific questions to be answered; we expect the humankind to progress by discovering unusual scientific phenomena and we expect to provide solutions to the problems through science. However, we all can gather new knowledge by developing from our previous knowledge. 2018 has been a year where new knowledge was available in the field of genetics. This blog is all about 2018 at a glance for genetics.
One such landmark event is the discovery of a human RNA which activates innate immunity when attacked by a virus. Research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry reveals an RNA molecule which plays an important role in the defense against the virus. This RNA is known as the nc886. “Nc” means noncoding, therefore, this RNA never codes proteins. Nevertheless, it activates the chain of events that destroys viruses. This research can be important to study the human immune system.

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When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, it will.

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Long Fairy Tales have a tendency to Dragon

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

When to Refuse a Hotel Room

As a travel seller, I’d hear it from time to time: “That hotel was totally unacceptable.”
But you slept there, right?
Travelers often abandon rational thinking in pursuit of a travel objective. It’s difficult to make significant emotional investment selecting and booking a hotel, long anticipating a safe, quiet sanctuary in an unfamiliar city at the end of a long journey, only to run into an obstacle. You just want to get into your room, right?
That’s not always the best idea.
Sometimes it’s necessary to refuse a hotel room, no matter how travel-worn you might be. In most cases, it’s a matter of getting the product you were expecting, but in others, your safety and security can depend on refusing a room
Based on my experience, here are a number of situations where travelers should refuse a hotel room they’ve been given.
The Room is Damaged or in Poor Condition

Cityblog Feature: Ashish Joshi's WildLife Photography

Alexandrian Parakeet

These are one of the largest parakeets and can be easily identified by a red feathers patch. They have been taught to talk and domesticated as pets.

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The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with.

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Once Mom asked me if I wanted rice with curd of without curd..
I was in Dahilemma

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

UK's May faces no-confidence vote after Brexit plan crushed

British lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's divorce deal with the European Union, plunging the Brexit process into chaos and leading to a no-confidence vote in her government.
Moments after the vote, May said it was only right to test whether the government still had lawmakers' support to carry on. Lawmakers will vote Wednesday in a no-confidence motion from opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn that could trigger a national election.
The House of Commons' 432-202 vote against May's plan was widely expected, but it was still devastating for her fragile leadership. It came after more than two years of political upheaval — and was the biggest defeat for a government in the House of Commons in more than a century.

Cityblog Feature: Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions

Strawberry Cheesecake

Hey guys! Can’t believe we are already done with half a month in the New Year. The memories of the ringing in the New Year are so fresh and vivid in my mind, that I feel it was just yesterday.

This year we celebrated the New Year week in Mahabaleshwar. Sort of a family reunion with about 20 of us, ages ranging between 7 years to 70 years. Just couldn’t believe that such a vast age would not deter us from being together, doing things together and having a ball of a time.

The chilling winter breeze brushing the skin and a walk in the clouds at sunrise left us enthralled. Then, there was hiking and biking, there was horse riding, boating, jungle trails, village fair et al. And of course many visits to the local market to buy jams n jellies n squashes and fudges. I managed to lay my hands on some really big and juicy strawberries when we visited some local strawberry farms, right on the day we started back from our memorable getaway.

So there I was back home, with 2 kilogram of the yummiest and sweetest strawberries! Absolutely drool worthy.

Some of those yummies were devoured and savoured every single bite for their divine juiciness, while others got topped with whipped cream and were polished off in no time.

Another small lot of them made their way to being a part of an absolutely yummy sinful dessert that I used them in…...The quick home-made strawberry cheese cake!! It tasted as delicious as it looked and it was an absolute pleasure to dig in.

Cityblog Special: What They Don't Teach You at School

When the body is immersed in water, the telephone rings.

Cityblog Update Prestigious International Award

Cityblog Feature: PJ of the Day

Pakya: Dekhta  kya hai be?

Pappu: Verb

Cityblog : From Past: Appa Balwant Chowk

पुणे शहराचा नावाजलेला भाग असणारा , ' हार्ट ऑफ द सिटी 'मध्ये मोडला जाणारा ''अप्पा बळवंत चौक'' . आता इंग्रजीच्या भडिमारात व शॉर्टफॉर्मच्या जमान्यात हल्ली हा चौक A.B.C. म्हणून ओळखला जातो . पुस्तकांची आणि इतर गोष्टींची दुकाने , ग्रामदेवता जोगेश्वरी मंदिर व दगडूशेठ गणपती मंदिर , हुजूरपागा व नू.म.वि. या शाळा , प्रभात-रतन-वसंत ही चित्रपटगृहे , अनेक महत्वाचे रस्ते या चौकाजवळ असल्याने हा भाग सतत रहदारीचा व गजबजलेला असतो . पण मग या चौकाच्या नावामागची कथा काय ? हे अप्पा बळवंत कोण होते ? चला तर या नावामागे दडलंय काय... याचा शोध घ्यायचा हा छोटासा प्रयत्न . 
तर हे अप्पा बळवंत म्हणजेच 'कृष्णाजी बळवंत मेहेंदळे' . त्यांचे वडील बळवंतराव गणपत मेहेंदळे हे पेशव्यांचे एक प्रमुख सेनापती होते . अत्यंत कुशल लढवय्ये असणाऱ्या बळवंतरावांनी त्यांच्या कारकिर्दीत पराक्रम गाजविला होता . पण दुर्दैवाने ते १७६० मध्ये पानिपत रणसंग्रामात मरण पावले . अब्दालीने त्यांचे शिर सदाशिवभाऊंना भेट म्हणून पाठवले होते . त्यांची पत्नीही तिथे सती गेल्या . तेव्हा या अवघ्या बारा वर्षांच्या अल्पवयीन कृष्णाजी उर्फ अप्पांची जबाबदारी पेशव्यांनी घेतली . 
                  एके दिवशी सवाई माधवराव पेशवे पर्वतीहून शनिवारवाड्याकडे हत्तीवरून परतत होते . त्यांच्याबरोबर त्यावेळेस अंबारीत अप्पा बळवंत हे देखील होते . त्यावेळेस येताना पेशवे यांना भोवळ आली . आणि सवाई माधवराव पेशवे खाली पडणार तोच मागे बसलेल्या अप्पा बळवंतांनी प्रसंगावधान दाखवून त्यांना सावरले , या अपघातातून वाचविले . पेशवे खाली पडले असते तर मोठा अनर्थ झाला असता . आपल्यावरील संकट टळले म्हणून हा प्रसंग जेथे घडला , ती जागा अप्पा बळवंतांच्या नावाने ओळखली जाईल , असे सवाई माधवराव पेशवे यांनी जाहीर केले . तर ही आहे या चौकाच्या नावामागची आख्यायिका . १७९८ मध्ये अप्पा बळवंतांचे निधन झाले . 
पुढे याच चौकात म्हणजे आत्ताच्या किबे लक्ष्मी थिएटर समोर सरदार बळवंत मेहेंदळ्यांनी इ.स. १७६१ च्या आधी ३ मजली ४ चौकी असा भव्य वाडा उभारला होता असे कळते . या वाड्यातील एक भुयार थेट शनिवारवाड्यापर्यंत होते . काही गुप्त बैठका घ्यायच्या असतील तर पेशवे या भुयारातून मेहेंदळ्यांकडे येत . भारत इतिहास संशोधन मंडळाची स्थापना याच वाड्यात आषाढ शुद्ध प्रतिपदा शके १८३२ म्हणजे ७ जुलै १९१० रोजी झाली . याप्रसंगी सरदार खंडेराव चिंतामण मेहेंदळे व विश्वनाथ काशिनाथ राजवाडे हे दोघेच उपस्थित होते . काळाच्या ओघात येथे रस्ता रुंदीकरणात त्यांच्या वाड्याचा जवळपास सगळाच भाग त्यात गेला . परंतु आज अप्पा बळवंत हे नाव मात्र चौकाच्या निमित्ताने राहिले आहे .

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Icelandic police say tourists keep crashing because they're distracted by the Northern Lights

  • Akureyri Police Superintendent Johannes Sigfusson said people are paying attention to the sky instead of Iceland's icy, windy and narrow roads.
  • Of the 18 people who died in traffic accidents in Iceland last year, half of them were foreign nationals.
  • In 2017, more foreign nationals died in traffic accidents than Iceland residents.
Police in Iceland said that tourists are crashing their cars on the country's windy roads because they're distracted by the northern lights.
The roads in Iceland can be icy, windy and narrow, and some people are paying more attention to the sky than where they're driving, Akureyri Police Superintendent Johannes Sigfusson told Sky News. 

Cityblog Feature: Nayakgiri: MakarSankranti Greetings

डवा पतंग द्या थोडी ढील 
घ्या थोडा लहानपणीचा फील

मित्रांना भेटा आनंद लुटा 
जीवनाच्या हायवे वर सुसाट सुटा

नेसा काळी साडी किंवा घाला शर्ट 
वाईट बोलून कोणाला करू नका हर्ट

करू नका कोणी चुळबुळ 
सर्वांना मिळेल तिळगुळ

आठवले कवी चे नाव नाही 
ओतला रोशेष सारा पण 'भाईंची ' सर नाही

Happy Makarsankranti

Giridashan Trek to Sandhan Valley

Cityblog FeatureL Fitness Tips from Fitcon

Cityblog Special: Laws they dont teach at School

O'brien's Variation Law:

If you change queues, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you are in now.

Cityblog Feature: PJ of the Day

What do you call people who dont believe in going to Gym?


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Monday, January 14, 2019

The Urge to Share News of Our Lives Is Neither New nor Narcissistic

Narcissism is defined as excessive self-love or self-centredness. In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love when he saw his reflection in water: he gazed so long, he eventually died. Today, the quintessential image is not someone staring at his reflection but into his mobile phone. While we pine away for that perfect Snapchat filter or track our likes on Instagram, the mobile phone has become a vortex of social media that sucks us in and feeds our narcissistic tendencies. Or so it would seem.
But people have long used media to see reflections of themselves. Long before mobile phones or even photography, diaries were kept as a way to understand oneself and the world one inhabits. In the 18th and 19th centuries, as secular diaries became more popular, middle-class New Englanders, particularly white women, wrote about their everyday lives and the world around them. These diaries were not a place into which they poured their innermost thoughts and desires, but rather a place to chronicle the social world around them – what’s going on around the house, what they did today, who came to visit, who was born or who died. The diaries captured the everyday routines of mid-19th-century life, with women diarists in particular focused not on themselves but on their families and their communities more broadly.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019