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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fiberal: Lesson from Modi bashing

This article is dedicated to the average self-styled ' Indian Liberal Intellectual', who is, unfortunately, neither liberal, nor intellectual, nor Indian!
This election campaign would not have been successful without your especially virulent outpourings!
How to project yourself as a 'liberal intellectual' in ten easy steps!
1) Every time you come across a post that has the words 'Hindu' or ‘Hindutva' in it, describe the post as 'vile and disgusting’, regardless of the actual context. Express your hatred for Hinduism constantly and diligently, in ways that can be subtle or obvious depending upon the context. However, do not forget to mention in the same breath that you 'respect' Hindus.
2) Always mention 'Gujarat 2002' in any discussion. Even if the topic of discussion is about the reproductive habits of the primates of upper Congo! Remember the golden rule. All communal riots are equal, but Gujarat riots are more equal than others!