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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


So as this space (blog) got nascent, lets try to do some good contributions on this  forum.

On world front, lot of things are happening at speed mentioned above be it US politics, Brexit, Koreas, Syria, Saudi, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Afghanistan. As world enters few treasured months of summer, these are the issues which impact economy and directly the spirits of masses. Good days for some sectors which not for some. Technology scene is intriguing and promises some key inflection points.

Indian summer has led way to Monsoon on which its economy depends. Indian It also awaits paradigm shift thanks to various trade issues. We gear up to 2019, lot of political activities are shaping up. Only time will tell if the  opposition unity as shown in Karnataka is sustainable? Will it be applicable all over. Kashmir issue has turned more violent as it happens in summer. Pakistan is walking tight rope. There seems to be some sinister agenda on left to divide the nation on caste lines. Govt has taken lot of flak on implementation of aadhar linkup, demonetization, GST. Don’t expect more reforms and brave decisions till 2019.

In Maharashtra, SS is acting strangely just like any opportunist party. Even BJP is unsure to position itself due to tradition issues like separate vidharbha, their need to access keys of BMC, lack of local nuances in western maharashtra, marathwada and Konkan.

Pune having voted out NCP and having BJP in control, has got metro. Law and Order, Roads , pollution, traffic,environment, river cleaning etc issues are still in limbo.  Water issue is still a problem each year depending on Monsoon performance in the catchment areas. That reminds me of beautiful season for outings, trekking, tea, kanda bhaji, vad pav, bhutta…

As world will turn into soccer zone staring 14th june in Russia, indian cricket also has a summer to prove in England…..