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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

एसटीच्या प्रस्तावित भाडेवाढीच्या अन्याय्य ,अनैतिक,बेकायदेशीर व ऐन सणासुदीत गरजू सामांन्यांची अडवणूक करणाऱ्या नफेखोरी निर्णयाला तत्काळ स्थगिती द्या !

Hon Shri Devendraji Phadnavis,
CHIEF MINISTER,Maharashtra State.
Dear Sir,
CONGRATULATIONS for One Year as CM of MAHARASHTRA ! Wish you a very Happy Diwali & New Year !

Sir, Crores of citizens in the state depend on ST for their Daily & Festival and occasional travel.
MSRTC needs to provide EFFICIENT,SAFE RELIABLE & CHEAP Travel services.
State Govt has contributed Thousands of Crores for this.
Lakhs of citizens travel to their natives for Diwali every year.As private travel buses are exploiting unaffordable;ST has been their main source of travel, used for generations.
Now MSRTC has proposed to join the race of profiteering by exploiting needy helpless citizens and proposed to hike bus fare upto 20%.
This is unjust,improper,immoral and illegal proposal of profiteering and exploiting helpless needy common citizens.
We request to ORDER IMMEDIATELY TO SCRAP/STAY Diwali Fare Hike Proposal of MSRTC.

Awaiting your positive and sensitive urgent indulgence.
Thanks & Regards,
jugal rathi     vivek velankar