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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Himalayan Tragedy

Last weekend we had a reunion of our school.  24 years have passed since we all passed X th. But the fun, banter and bonding we had last week were the same as it were 24 years back.   Those were the days.  Summer of 89, the year we passed out was very special. It was a long vacation without any worries. I remember all the indoor and outdoor games played with friends, swimming, a great Mumbai trip, Wimbledon won by Becker vs Edberg, Ashes (though many compare 2013 ashes places same as 89 when Aussies were weak and Pommies stronger), good academic result and admission to junior college of choice, few Sahyadri night and monsoon treks and to top it all a Himalayan Trek . My romance with Himalayas started then. I have already described in my last post here about my latest visit in May 13, so the Himalayan memories are fresh. And then this tragedy struck last Monday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Emailing Letter of Objection & Suggestion to the proposed DP for old city limits

Hi there all,
Many of you may not have been able to send a hard copy of your letter of Objections and Suggestions due to one reason or the other.. The Municipal Commissioner has said that he will consider all the emails too.. However, you will not be able get a receipt, but then PMC has to consider your letter and even invite you for the hearing.. (You dont have to go for this hearing..)

I am enclosing a draft letter of Objection & Suggestion to PMC. All you have to do is to forward this letter to :
"City Engineer" <>, "Town Planning Officer PMC" <>, (Pl cut and paste the email ids onto the "To" window of your letter..)
Do remember to put yr name and address etc. on your letter
And do send a copy of your letter to: "Green Pune Movement" <>, so that we will know how many emails have been sent.. Thanks..
Please forward this letter to your friends and family.. We want thousands of emails to go..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Delivering Letters of Objections and Suggestions..

Hi there all, 

I am confident that you all have collected large no of Letters of Objection and Suggestions as well as even larger no. of signatures/ signature forms.. But delivering them all is quite a problem as and his sister will be there at PMC on the last 2 days ie on 25 and 26 June.. So here's a suggestion on what to do..