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Friday, July 22, 2011

Catch that Drop

“75 % of the earth is water” , but this doesn’t hold true for the residents of Baner- Pashan link road, who are facing the water problem since a long time. There is much less supply from the PMC which doesn’t satisfy the core needs of the residents.

Harish whose a resident of Rolling hills society since last 2 yrs has the following observations to share on the platform of Indian real estate forum :

PMC supplied water is inadequate. There is a serious water shortage problem. We have been experiencing this for last years. Utility water is by tankers but still the problem is there due to issues between the tanker water supplier and the society.

Utility water quality is not good. You will experience this after you have a shower. I work in Water and waste water treatment company in Hinjewadi and hence naturally critical for health.

Mr.Nilesh Thakur a resident of society inn Baner-Pashan link road also has a same view. He feels that he has been simply cheated on the pretext of good society with ample water supply, whereas it’s the other way round. Since the time they have come to stay there they have always faced the scarcity of water. There less to very less supply from PMC and even the private tankers are not ready to come there as there has always been a conflict between the society members and the private water suppliers. They feel that the private water suppliers are taking advantage of their critical situation.

Rajendra shivarkar , the owner of Rohit water suppliers operating on Baner – Pashan link road supplies the water tankers to many societies in this area, his tankers, having a capacity of 10,000 lit are send every alternate day to some or the other society. There are many other private tanker suppliers like Mahableshwar water suppliers, Babar water suppliers, Utkarsh water suppliers supplying water to the societies here.

Naturally these expenses are being levied on the residents which results in increased maintenance charges.

Although many renowned builders have already come up with many posh societies like Rolling hills, Mont vert, Shaila enclave ,Magnolia and many more to mention but still the basic question of regular water supply is still to be answered. Many other societies still to come in the near future as the construction work is going on in full swing here, may be this condition can go from bad to worse, if the PMC doesn’t come up with some proper and permanent solution to this issue.


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