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Monday, August 1, 2011

‘Let’s eat out' says Pashan

With the latest eateries in area, residents are Pashan are able to enjoy different kinds of food.

Pashan has grown itself in recent years. The area with the barren lands has been covered with buildings. With such a development, the area has grown itself with different amenities. The area is having a mixed crowd of families, bachelors and professional. With such a crowd Pashan has different kinds of eat-out places considering the taste of the people.

There are many restaurants in Pashan but few able to stand in the crowd. Sai Leela, on Sus Road, Pashan, offers varieties of food but Sea food is their specialty. Jagdish Shetty, Manager, says “We offer Chinese, Punjabi and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian food but Sea Food is our specialty. We have people coming for it and we offer them on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and on weekends”. This restaurant opened last year on December and able to make its name in the area. Among this race is Shivanjali, on Sus Road, which is five years old and have able to attract families and especially the young crowd as it has Bar. “Families come over here as we have separated them from the Bar section which allows them to have their own privacy and safety. We have made family room near to the entrance and Bar is inside”, explains the manager, Vasant Pujari.

But apart from various eat outs available in the area, Prasanna, which is located in the Sai chowk and is 8 years old is among the best one’s in Pashan. It offers vegetarian foods and is especially serves Punjabi and South Indian. Shavri Pujari, the manager, adds “We run full packed on weekends and our home delivery service is appreciated by the customers”. On being asked to the residents of Pashan, they seem very happy by the kind of eateries there. Suresh Khole, a student from Pune University says, “Few years back, we were not having such a kind of restaurants and eat out places here in Pashan due to which we used to make a trouble of going to nearby places”. After these kinds of eat out places emerging in the growing Pashan, residents can now able to enjoy their kind of food with their family and friends. Suraj Jadhav, a professional says, “Now, we have all kinds of foods available in the local area which allows me to plan for the dinner out when I want to spend time with my family immediately. Before, we used to think a lot before going out as the restaurants were at a great distance”.

No matter how much a place is developed, without the fine eat outs and restaurants in an area, that area cannot be said developed. Whenever one search for the home, they go for the nearby availability of the necessary things and now days it has become an essential part of the lifestyle. With the nice eat out places and good restaurants in Pashan; residents are not able to enjoy their life with a good food.


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