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Monday, August 1, 2011

Work is Worship :Bhanupratap Barge

“Work is worship” this is the motto of the Senior Inspector of Police, Bhanupratap Barge. He is looking after the Social Security Cell and Juvilience department. Recently, he has got the President award for the achievements in his field.

He has done his B.A. from Fergusson College, Pune in the year 1983. Later he joined police in 1985. A year later he was shifted to Mumbai and was there till 2005 until, he came back to Pune in 2006. During the training period, he has won prize of best cadet in “Revolver Shooting”. In the year 1987, at Dongri Police Station, he, along with his team, seized brown sugar totally 200.640 kg valued Rs. 220 crore in International Market. He has been the bodyguard to Shri Amitabh Bachchan and Shri Balashaeb Thakrey.

When the first Anti Terrorist Squad to combat terrorism and to control Gangwar. During this, he raided infamous Dagdi Chawl and arrested four most wanted members of Arun Gawali gang along with AK-47, revolvers, pistols and four hand graneds. In the year 1991 at Lokhandwala Complex dreaded gangsters affiliated to Dawood Ibrahim gang, Maya Dolas, Deelip Buwa and five others killed and two AK-47 assault rifles, two .30 SLRs, pistols and revolvers seized from them.

He was also involved in arresting Manjit Singh who was involved in Air India’s ‘Kanishka’ Bomb explosion and other cases. He also arrested, with his team, notorious robber Anthony Rozario who was wanted in 14 bank robberies and dacoits in Maharashtra, Gujrat and Rajasthan. He has handled the sensitive murder case of Shivsena MLA Vithal Chavan and areested Suresh Rana and Ankush Shelar along with revolvers. He has also raided a place in Mumbai and seized 1500 kg RDX. While attached to Dahisar Police Station, he arrested notorious gangster Sanjay Surve of Chota Rajan Gang along with three revolvers.

Barge also arrested Vilas Mane of Chota Rajan gang was arrested with revolver who was involved in murder of Municipal Corporator Thapa and other three in murder cases. He also arrested Chota Rajan gang member Prakash Bangam in connection with murder of Ramesh More, MLS of Shivsena. After a long chase, arrested Salim Jungali and four other gangsters of Dawood Gang who were on their way to kill Corporator Purshotam Solanki at Andheri. From these gangsters four 9mm imported Pistols were recovered on the spot.

Barge also arrested notorious gangsters Nazir Hateli of Abu salem gang along with one revolver at Kandivali East. He carried out operation against notorious criminal Mukhatar Lakdawala, who died in exchange of fire with the police party. He was wanted in 60 cases and convicted by court for 57 years in various cases, who has escaped from police custody. For this Barge’s name was recommended for Gallantry Award.

On 13/5/1999, he was selected by Intelligence Bureau on deputation to SBI, Mumbai. He was posted to BOI, Sahar Airport, Mumbai. During this period he detected more that 50 cases and intercepted Indian, Sri Lankans. Nepali and Bangaldeshi passengers who attempted to travel on forged passports. While in charge of the Anti Extortion Cell, Crime Branch, Pune City and he arrested most wanted gangsters Raja Gaikawad, Pappu Sanghvi, Parshiram Jadhav of Baba Bodke Gang, who were wanted in murder cases.

Now working as the in charge of Social security cell and Juvenile Aid Preventive Unit, Barge is looking after all the activities that are going on in the society. The problems were there before also, but he has studied the area and is taking actions accordingly. He is looking after prostitution, piracy, beggar, orphanage and other such things. He believes in doing anything with the keen interest and from the bottom of the heart. He says, “Prostitution is something which is easily visible in the society but call girls is something which extra attention”. He has a proper procedure on acting on such issues. He is also looking to matter which is not of his department but comes to him. He says, “I believe in doing my job as much as possible”.

Talking about the children, there are many cases but as he studied, 15+ do the crime intentionally and are aware of the actions. He has a plan to educate people so that they can help them to act properly. It is them who can when corporate with police department can make their work easier. The new media can be helpful in the procedure. The internship program that is being run by the police now for the youth is helping them to narrow the gap between them and society, especially youths. Giving a message to the citizens, he says, “We are here to help you and please help us in making this place better place to live”. The achievement done by this officer is countless and still counting.

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  1. Well done sir! Congratulations.
    I'm proud to know you personally since the early days of your career.
    Kiran kale