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Monday, August 1, 2011

Real Vs Virtual and Back to School

There was a time when children used to come home and run out for playing with friends. These days, they come home and sit in front of computers, video games or play stations. Technology has changed so much that it has changed the way of living of children too.

AadeshBhandari, a student of class 3, is having a power glasses. His father, Dhanesh Bhandari says, “He used to come from school and sits in front of computer playing games. No matter how much we shouted, he never used to move from his place. He used to play for at least 3 hours continuously”. Aadesh says, “I have such good games in computer from fighting to race, I never feel time once I start playing. I also don’t have many friends to play”.

Nidhi Khandewal, a professional and a mother of 8 months girl says, “I can see the changing trends in the way children of present time have their physical activity. As my girl is growing I am making a point that she gets involved in more physical activity rather than just sitting in front of the computer”. Schools now a days have lots of activity in their curriculum which gives proper physical activity to children.

Pratik Jhadav, a student, says, “Before we used to have lots of outdoor games but at that time we used to have that much space to play them. Now, if we think of playing, then we have the main problem of space. Everyone one will find building so where one will play?” No matter how much technology is helping in reducing our work, it also adding to the problem of less physical activity in today’s kids, which is not advisable at all. Children should have a proper physical activity by playing games. But after this computer and play station has arrived with all the virtual games, children are losing interest in playing outside game, when they can play them in a cozy environment sitting in a air conditioned room.

Back to School

School days always were and will be the best memories in everyone’s life. One of the best memories is the first day in a new class or first day in school. Most of the time, first day in school fades away with the time but as we grow up and memory power increases, one is able to remember the first day in a new class.

After passing away the final exams, getting the result of the previous class, one enters the new class. A class, where the teachers change, books change and one feels a little grown up. Nidhi Khandelwal, a professional, says, “I remember how thrill I used to be on the first day of my new class. It was never a first day experience rather it was always a week experience”. Getting new books, properly covered with a blank text books to write, one tries to keep it clean and neat for the whole year. Divya Bhandari, a student of class 5, says, “I just got promoted to the new class and I am so happy that I have new books and new text books. I have got them all covered and is really happy to join the class. I am so excited”.

It is never about the new books and text books, it is all about the feeling getting a year younger and climbing a step ahead. Chaayaa Sharma, a graduation student, says, “When I was in school, I always used to wonder about the books and study of my seniors. I used to wonder how it feels when you are in a higher class. It always used to attract my mind”. For some, the feeling of going to a new class is equivalent to the first day in school. Suresh Khole, a staff from Pune University, says, “I have always seen going to a new class as the first day in school. We used to get a new dress, new bag, new books and everything used to be new, except the same old friends. That used to give me a new feeling”.

No matter how one grows, people talks about the school. It is always a vicious circle with a difference. One day you are experiencing it and the other day, you are seeing child experiencing it making you nostalgic. This feeling will be in the minds of everyone and when ever recollected, will bring smile in the face.


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