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Monday, September 16, 2013

Come September

All those young at heart in 60s would definitely remember the ‘Come September ‘tune which was trademark of all Brass Bands during marriages then. For those young in 90s like us would recall its cheap imitation tune on which Madhuri danced to her glory: ‘Nazaraenin Mili Dil Dhadka’ along with stupid and constipated looking Sanjay Kapoor. The original hollywood film is a classic with some great scenes and music. We are here in September 13.

Lot of things have happened last month in personal as well as global context. 
This was time for change. Change of address is one of those changes which take its toll. Thus I am sorry for the hiatus on this space. It also brings along new hopes, new experiences and new perspective. Also the old memories of old address like some life defining events: both good and bad, fun you had, people around etc hound you. It was kind of mixed emotions really. Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain ju mukam.... woh phir nahin aate.  

Sachin still is non committal about retirement. Cricket is on holiday but promises to return in Oct incidentally in Pune to remain nonstop till world cup 15. ODI team looks settled challenges are in tests and t20s. Leander who is of same age like sachin, and yours truly has defied age in NY. Must say its really a great achievement.  Nadal roared back. Rest all is quiet on sports front since i don’t follow club level soccer, F1 (neo elitists urban happening events). Only thing embarrassed us all was IOA battle with politicians.
On social side, daylight murder of activist Dr Dabholkar and failure of state to maintain law and order highlighted by another Nirbhaya case in Mumbai, was at epicentre. It’s really sad that Maharashtra which has great tradition of dissent, debate, modernism and reforms, stooped down to supari killing to suppress dissent. No clues on motive, and motivators, still there are guesses. But whole affair was shocking and sad.  On other side God men are on wrong side of news. But its surprising why always Hindu institutions are blamed by media or god men ridiculed. Though I m not to judge someone but it’s not just one off case. Nirbhaya verdict to hand death sentence to the rapists was welcomed by society and society really hopes to see this as an impact acting as a deterrent.
Elections 2014 are at centre stage. Modi is India’s only hope to restore the country and economy burdened by lack of policies of wrong policies by UPA govt. Advani dissented but that’s a more democratic sign of functioning than Congress. How we loved Obama Vs Hillary inside democrat party? Is that dissent, possible in Congress? Even Digvijay was shown door at CWC. Even there is a chance that high command will reinstall Kalmadi in Pune Loksabha. That will be a true disaster. But then Indian voting patterns are so scary that we cannot rule out UPA 3 despite so low public credibility, bad mouth , poor performance, corruption if you believe popular media to some extent and social media totally.  Definitely a hung house is on cards. This situation is scarier when the wily opportunists will claim their pound of flesh. I need not name them as we all know who these nationalists or socialists are?
Economy is still scary despite some minor gains on rupee front. Its more political than global issue as explained by our economist PM. Food security, land acquisition and taxation issues need to be revaluated. Need reforms, growth driven model with less subsidies. But for that we need new government. Hope 14 elections will give us this mandate. Thankfully we had good monsoon. But that has not helped eased inflation. Again thanks to some bad governance.
On world stage we have war on our hands as US aggression against Syria takes ominous position. Though Putin had his own way but as always Middle East and regions remains permanent migraine for peace loving people of world. But then world oil economy, capitalism, religion can create a heady cocktail.
Finally we welcomed Ganesha. This blog started in 08 Ganesh Festival. So this blog has lived half a decade. That is a personal landmark though it means nothing more but wish to make more impact in next 5 years.   Each of us can make an impact and I firmly believe the same. That was purpose of Nayakgiri. I pray to Lord Ganesha to give us strength to effect positive changes around us. Happy Ganesh festival to all

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