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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As reported following arrangements are made,some are regular,some are for Olympics:
1.Appeal to citizens Avoid Peak-time travel , if possible.

2.Off peak travel tickets are cheaper.

3.Saturday & Sunday are considered as off peak time,since its Office holidays.

4.The efforts were on for several months to ensure that No inconvenience is caused to Olympic Tourists & Londoners. Mock drills conducted so that stampede can be avoided.

5.More exit points are put in place to divide the crowd.

6.New signages/ direction boards are installed for commuters information.

7.The information boards are installed to avoid confusion,where to alight for which sport-nearest Station/stop etc.

8. London Mayor appealed citizens Not to use Car during Olympics.

9. USE BICYCLES:Olympic Organisers making special efforts/counselling that citizens either should walk or come by bicycle, if must use bus but surely avoid car.This is part of GREEN GAMES THEME. Rent a bike points are aplenty.Special Routs/tracks are built. Free parking arrangements are made closest to Olympics.People are consistently updated on Cyclists blogs.

1O.As against car parking is at much distance and charged heavily.

[Olympic Tourists/sports

persons,office bearers,

volunteers,media: 93 lakhs

Public Transport trips: 150 lakhs

Towing trucks for

Games lane violators: 72 ].


1. Pmpml should target Daily commuters to 25 lakhs in 2-3 years.

2.Pmpml should reduce the travel fare by half for off-peak time e.g.,5am to 7 am, 11.30am to 3.30pm & 8.30pm to last trip. There will be better crowd management as many whose travel is not time bound will shift to off-peak. This will provide some relief in peak hours and better utilisation of the fleet.

3. Saturday/Sunday/Thursday,as applicable, should be considered as off-peak time(cheaper travel fare) as offices/indusries/school-

colleges-University remain closed.

4.Pmc/Pmpml should provide better information-signboards for clarity & avoid confusion on Roads,buses,bus stops etc. No flex or advertisements etc should come in the way of Road furniture-signages/boards etc.

5.Right of way must be provided to Pedestrians,cyclists,buses with adequate appropriate infrastructure.

6.Effective enforcement machinery be deployed at dedicated BRT bus lanes incl. towing trucks for violators vehicles.

7.Heavy Congestion tax is the unique Win-Win Feature of London:

i) Major revenue contribution to Local civic body.

ii) Private fuel vehicles reduced considerably.

iii)Public transport with much better occupancy,efficiency,convenience.

Pmc should certainly look for the option of heavy Congestion tax in. mid-city congested part of the city so as to finance and subsidize Pmpml bus service.

8. PMC should make special efforts to clear the pendancy implement BICYCLE PROJECTS,like Rent-a-Bike, Usable & Visible Cycle Tracks, Free bicycles to students etc.


Jugal s rathi

Pmp Pravasi Manch

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