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Friday, July 20, 2012

Heart Touching Events

Finally seems like we have rains in and around Pune for which we were waiting desperately. On this beautiful Friday evening watching rains over hills behind my office between two meetings over a hot cup of tea... (Resolved to avoid kanda bhaji lets see how evening turns over)

I missed out on commenting on  events which are close to heart and related to heart literally in one of them. Let’s start with that one.

Heart in this event was that of Uddhav Thakarey. Howsoever outsiders love to hate Thakarey clan; they won’t understand how much they mean to Maharashtrians especially those in Mumbai. I am not being biased or crying victim here, Maharashtra is victim of its own success. The democratic and modernist thoughts in Maharashtra are thanks to some visionary leaders like Tilak, Agarkar, Phule, Ambedkar, and yes Savarkar (thats another topic).

The cooperative movement, which has now being milked by all and sundry, actually in its formative days brought prosperity, water and parity to the hinterlands. The industrial policy of state was matched by no other state. Of, course the differentiating factor was presence of Mumbai in Maharashtra. And thats where the paradox is. Mumbai is in Maharashtra but Maharashtrians are outsiders in Mumbai. And i know i will invite wrath of many who will conveniently put pan Indian spirit. Read my leaps i am Indian first, but I need my state and city to respect my local identity (which is subject of ridicule in mainstream media), i love my mother tongue and i also feel justified in limiting unrestrained, unorganized and unsustainable growth thanks to all and sundry pouring in my cities. No complains on equal opportunities but dirty politics played by ruling combination has impacted my state. Be it commercialization, irrelevance of higher education, disaster in basic rural education, non investor friendly environs, corruption, uncontrolled civic growth, lack on emphasis on infrastructure, damage on environment, casteist social structure, vote bank politics and favouritism to elite. Thus its important to get out of this twelve year rule of DF govt. And unity in opposition is key. Though i like Raj Thakaray , but always felt that personal egos don’t matter over collective evil. Though much cannot be made out of hospital visit due to heart problem of Uddhav Thakaray, but if this picture can be extended to political reality, then it can really make difference

Next event uncommented was reinstallation of King Federer at Wimbledon. I have been watching Wimbledon since that epic 80 final between ice Bjorg and hot Mac. That was classic. Bjorg retired and Mac ruled 81, 83, 84 (excluding great match in 82 when Connors won). Then came in young boom boom unseeded Becker ruling 85 and 86. In 86 we had our own Ramesh Krishnan reaching quarterfinals which i think was a great achievement than winning doubles grandslams by current players who chose to fight with each other than play tennis or just be glammer dolls (only repect paes for Olympic bronze). Becker caught imagination and heart with his dives and power play. Pat Cash a one year wonder came into limelight in 87 just to cruelly destroy dream of Ivan Lendl who never won wimbledon. Over a turbulent period when Berlin wall was broken, cold war end and USSR dissolution, rivalry of Edberg and Becker was so intense that first weekend of July was much anticipated. I used to like Edberg so much that i had his poster on my study desk. Those were JEE, 12th days. In those days we used to get only semis and finals telecasted on DD amidst interrupting news. Unknown Stich prevailed in 91 coinciding with my surprise academic success, and then came days of satellite television when all matches were telecasted by star with Vijay Amritraj commenting. Agassi completed career slam in 92, and then came reign of King Sampras. Starting in 93, 94, 95 he did hat trick with no competition. In 96 when i got my first job there was a blip in SF against Krajichek who later won. Normal service resumed in 97,98, 99 and 00. Those we days when my professional life and personal life took roller coaster ride which settled in 00. 01 was landmark year. A youngster with headband from Basel, played match of his life against sampras and beat him. The baton was passed and era changed. Eventually that year Wimbledon was won by Goran who was famous for his service and a wild card entry. Such was the year when Riya was born! 02 was Hewitt’s year when rains prevailed. Then the reign of Federer started. This player is complete player and an artist. You just love to watch his sublime play. He set hand on trophy in 03. There was no challenge in 04, 05 , 06 when roddick failed to compete. These were great times when Indian story bloomed and sensex reached 20000. In 07 buoyed by success on clay Nadal created a threat which he materialized in that epic final in 08. That was when recession started looming for all of us thanks to subprime crisis. In 09 finally roddick delivered epic final in which Federer prevailed competing 6 titles. Then there was a drought and everyone thought Federer’s reign had ended. Nadal in 10 and thanks to incredible year Djoikovich had in 11, claimed the trophy. This year is again special especially when Euro zone crisis hit the economies, Indian story had paralysis but sure there is a hope as Federer reclaimed his no1 . Having seen wimbledon so long first time we had a local boy in final.World now has some hope. Hope is close to heart as this player is.

Last event is death of first superhero Rajesh Khanna to double up with death of legendary Dara singh. I am great fan of Rajesh Khanna be it for his music. But influence of Aanand cannot be rule out by my heart. I am sure i will rerun the movie today, amidst this weather.....

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