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Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Pune kars need 24/7 water supply: NCP MLA

During meeting attended by journalists of cityblog and other newspapers, MLA of NCP Mr Bapu Pathare mocked at Punekars. This meeting was oranized by Sajag Nargik Manch (SNM) at IMDR on BMCC Road on sunday 4th Nov. The topic of meeting was Dams are full 95% the why Pune still has to face water cuts?....
Though NCP had promised 24/7 water supply for pune in its 2012 PMC elections, its own MLAs and leaders who strongly back sugar lobby to get their due of water. 'Else Pune people should stop having tea if there is no sugarcane'  said the MLA. "Many people whom I represent in my contituency , have requested only 2 hrs of water supply in a day "said Mr Pathare. ". Do you want to strat washing centers? questioned NCP MLA. Is it a precursor of things pune have to face thanks to these politicans who serve their own interest. Ironically Punekars have voted same party to power. No one from congress attended the meeting which shows the disconnect the ruling party in state and center has for Pune. Opposition attended in full strength with Madhuri Misal , MLA BJP, Mrunal Gore and Ashok Harnwal , SS leaders in state and PMC respectively, Vasant More, Leader of PMC opposition from MNS, Jugal Rathi and Vivek Velankar from SNM.

Mr Pathare cried victim of politics being played by opposition against NCP, said that we need to care about downstream towns as we have 4 dams upstream.
The opposition led By Ms Madhuri Misal pointed about leakages in pipeline, and water stations, theft and unauthorised use which results in yearly loass of 6.5 TMC out of 29 TMC storage limit. Also the stats presented by irrigation and agricultural ministry contradict in no of hectares brought under water releases and kind of crops benefitted as pointed out by SNM. Out of 4.5 TMC released this year to daund city only 1.5 TMC reached. what happened to rest? is it feasible to release water to Ujani as stated by Minsiter Mr Dhobale? What happened to crores of funds marked for improvement of water purification plant in parvati? Some influencial corporators have done malpractices to ensure high pressure water supply to their constitiencies. The thefts are public domain knowledge but no action is taken against offenders.
Only promise given by NCP is to call for  meeting of concerned departments with all people and representatives.
There was also talk of Punekars being wrongly accused of wasting waters. Stats of population, actual ground level water supply point that punekars are not lucky as they have been accused of by very senior level politicians ruling state.
It not about Rural vs urban , but about politics in state , accused Neelam Gorhe of SS. There needs to be white paper on same. Madhuri Misal BJP said that it should be public domain knowledge of how much water is given to which sugar factory. Mr Vasant More from MNS said that their party studied Malkapur pattern for metering water usage but no action has been taken by admin.  Ashok Harnaval from SS said that Punekars  should get water supply atleast twice in a day.
All said and done, there needs to be public pressure on politicos who act like godfathers in Pune. No one denies water for agriculture and downstream towns, but what about stopping thefts and leakages? what  about transparancy in distribution? atleast they can do that.
We the Punekars need answers and not rhetorics as rubbed wrongly by MLA from ruling party of Pune.
Reports Citizen Journalist Gautam Naik......

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