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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Serial Boxer Rakesh Yadav

He started competing in Boxing in 1986 after couple downs his success graph is climbing high and high. In 1989 he won first boxing game and he never looked back. As ups and down comes in life he managed and went on playing. Rakesh Yadav is the elder brother in family and because of the father’s death he has to manage home as well. But in spite letting divert his attention he concentrated on game and one day the game gave him the job.

As national level player he had various jobs option but he chose police department in 1995 because of love on city and his family. In Police Traffic Department he started his journey as constable and now he is a police Havaldar. He brought up in Pimpri Chinchwad where there were no healthy environment for the good person but without diverting attention he joined boxing club formed by Gautam Chabukswar, he started practice with other friends and day by day interest developed. After two times defeat he practiced more and won first competition in 1989, in 1991 he played at national level and went up to the quarter final but in spite having break in carriers he participated in 1992 and went up to the final and won silver medal.

The journey of medal continued with the bronze medals consistent two year 94-95 and after winning another medal in 1995 he joined police department. “I had choice to join railway and police department and I went for the police department as it was easy choice to help family as well as do a good job,” says Yadav. Rakesh Yadav saw another down in life related to his passion boxing in spite winning state championship in 1997 he won’t get selected for Nation al competition because of some bad sectors in system. But he continued playing and won bronze medal in National games held at Manipur he won bronze. And immediate next year he won state champion and All India Police Champion which gave first gold medal to Maharashtra state.

We can call Yadav a serial boxer as well as since he won state police championship 9 times in 10 year since he joined Police department. His journey didn’t stop at this level now since last 4 years he is coaching Maharashtra police in boxing. Along with coaching he is participating in various championships recently he won 1 silver and 2 bronze medal and in 2010 he won two silver and one bronze. He always thanks to his coaches for his success “after Gautam Chabukswar, PL Deshpande and Phulchand Yadav taught me boxing lessons which is still very useful to me,” Yadav added.

During his series of boxing game he started exploring another type that is kick boxing which also give good success to Yadav but at that time there were no scope as it has now so he started concentrating on boxing only. During his success many people helped him many senior officers offered him help in game while narrating one experience Yadav says “one day one of my senior officer asked me what you want and I told him we need some sport material, that time the officer gave us total boxing kit. That day is unforgettable day for me.” On the contrary some colleagues and some seniors make fun of players from department as we have to go various places for matches but after returning they make fun and say he came back from long holidays and must have enjoyed “these people think we go for matches is fun but they don’t see our effort behind it. We practice daily four hours divided in morning and evening.”

While talking about his aim he said “I want to start boxing club for police and their children so I can share my knowledge and train them for better tomorrow.” but as every player have to face various problems he also see various problems is the game, various player are very poor and hardly manages meal for two time and they cannot offer extra nutrition required for sports.

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