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Friday, August 15, 2014

Mind over Matter

Out of all people in the world, it had to be Robin Williams a comedian. Lot has been already written about depression being the silent killer. Lot of analysis has also been made as to how comedians are most susceptible to depression.  Correctly appearances can be deceptive. People have one face for the physical world; one for virtual and third is the real one.  Nowadays its very important to have balance of mind to deal the situations in life. Modern life with its complicated ways is at its best to as questions each and every minute. So just as we spend time to maintain body, its very imperative to keep mind trained to adapt to various situations of life. Its easy said than done.
Without sounding sermonizing or without a need to repeat clich├ęs, i have a concrete plan. Let me know if it helps
1.       Define your horizon: List down top 10 ten things you want in next 12 months. You will find that the list will have at least 4-5 things which you may like to edit and delete. Assess the list in at least 3 different times and mood. Say when you are partying hard, when something happens which you don’t like and most importantly say  between 4  to 6 am in  the morning fresh after decent rest at some scenic location. The common points in the list will be final. Now don’t worry about moving targets. That’s very important. Else there won’t be contentment. Eg last week I was at Panchgani, at a friend’s house. There i had a temptation to add an item of owning similar place.  So let this list be tight no additions or deletions once you lock it.

2.       Go after it persistently: Now that you have found your list of happiness, you need to act with steady devotion. Maybe on first day there will be disaster, but don’t give up. Be bull headed about action. Work on plan A, B and C to achieve that. Don’t let anyone else’s comments or suggestions affect your decision making though you would like to listen to all. Be aware of all things. Get on top of your schedule.  There will be one day when you will reach that horizon. And you will be very happy
3.       Don’t compare yourself with others: As Ravindranath Thakur said, ‘ekla chalo re’. Your life path has to be walked alone. Your story is unique. Be proud of it. Don’t sympathize with yourself accusing destiny or others for what you feel has gone wrong. Own up the mistake and correct it.  Be in control. Let not vices control you. Easier said than done but keep short targets.  Avoid evils of social media. Don’t get jealous of some ones vacation at exotic places. If you want that let it be in your list first. Don’t allow anyone’s new car or house  to move your target. Be responsible and honest with your own targets.  Only when an item is achieved add another item to replace. Here i won’t say be saint and its but natural for normal people to have endless list. My main point is to prioritize to avoid stress.
4.       Enjoy life’s small things which make you happy be it watching cricket match, reading book, watching movie, listening to music, trekking, playing with kids, whatever. These are constant source of happiness. Have a hobby which will bring down your stress. Dont feel guilty of spending time on these while going after your wish list.
5.       Be fit. ( this is very difficult for me to advise anyone)
6.       Be considerate of others. Sometime you get angry with people around you in family or office. You feel someone is conspiring. Some one is not treating you fairly. Someone ditches you. Some one insults you. Take a deep breath. Try to reason out why that person has done that thing or said something which you did not like. Other people are not inherently evil or stupid. They will have their reason. If in first case you can put your reasoning above them then try to converse with them politely trying to reason them out. Sometimes it may not change situation so be it. In second case if you feel it’s you who need to act in order to improve situation so act.  Point is to put you in others shoes.
7.       You are not god. There are many things you cannot control. Know this inevitable truth.

On this note have a great independence day.  Most of the 67 years have been wasted barring post liberalization boom. Story has to be rebuilt.

On that note how can i complete narrative without politics and sports?
On International side one can feel double standards especially here in India and most of the liberals in west. They are completely quiet about ISIS and other extremist holocausts. Where in self protection of Israel in Gaza has been pointed out repeatedly. World is extremely unsafe thanks to some extremist versions of truth. Same threat extends to India especially as festive seasons are round the corner. This is the time to be vigilant.
New govt has completed 3 months and has made right intentions clear though would have loved them to me more revolutionary in actions especially during budget. But intent is there and govt presence is felt which was missing. Too early to judge but efforts to protect Indians abroad in conflict zones, functioning of parliament, apparent control over prices,  focus on defence etc are notable credits. Monsoons thankfully are not that bad as predicted though some regions still have deficit. Hope for a good revival next month.
Maharashtra is gearing up for elections. Hope we see change there as well to oust the non performing and corrupt regime. LBT issue is unresolved. The opposition parties need to be careful in playing their cards. Pune saw metro announcement amidst politics. BRT, waste management, DP, BPD issues still have no solution. Roads are pathetic thanks to Monsoon. New MPS need to act now. Thankfully again dams are 90% full and water scare is postponed till 2015 without any permanent solution.

Germany won WC. I had predicted same. Most unusual was the 7-1 match. I had never seen such thing happening before that too in WC semis.  Team efforts are more important than Individual brilliance as proven. It was an end of a Spanish era. I felt player of tournament was Robben who was too electric. But as usual Dutch never crossed the line. Some day maybe...
Team England in soccer is what Team India is in cricket. Both teams full of overrated star players. But more than that issue is decline of test cricket in India which is alarming.  No batsmen had patience to build innings. Those who done better in first two tests lie Pujara, Vijay and Rahane , gave it away in next two test. Lords win was great but next two losses showed that Indian juniors are not ready for 4-5 test long series. Max is 3 tests. Board better realizes that. This is effect of IPL and T20. We still are team in transition since 2nd April 2011. Generation shift and personnel replacement has not happened. Let’s hope last test they will find energy from somewhere to square it up. CWG game gave us smiles but competitive level was bit less. Maybe CWG have lots relevance.  Finally it was good to see some Kabbadi players getting limelight.

Monsoon magic has turned this part into heaven as had first opportunity to experience last week. Where are you heading this long weekend?

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