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Friday, February 11, 2011

Utkarsha Apartments

From common man to minister, everybody talk on woman empowerment. but, when it comes in our daily life, nobody bothers. UTKARSHA apartment set an ideal example of woman empowerment. All woman members are handed over the reins of total administration of this apartment. In fact, this could be an eye opener for so called social activisam.

A society or a human society is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations such as social status, roles and social networks. This is an ideal definition of a society. But going beyond these extremities, Utkarsha Apartment on Law College Road shows the signs of utmost unity by encouraging their woman brigade to rein in all apartment activities.

Giving details of the happenings of the apartment, Aishwarya Shirolkar, an acting member of the apartment, said, “We all ten families are residing here with harmony. We, Ovulkar madam, Kalyani Gokhale and myself look after the administration of the society. Every member of the society co-operate with us in every respect. In fact, with their encouragement, we can manage every difficulty easily.”

Elaborating the worm compost project run by apartment, Shirolkar said, “As number of housing societies in the vicinity have preferred to install many environmental projects in their premises, we also want to share our efforts in this endeavor. We have started worm compost project. As we are now feeling the heat of scarcity of educated manpower in this field, we are looking for the individuals, who can handle the responsibility of annual maintenance contract. We are also aware of benefits of running these environment friendly projects and are planning a complete makeover for our apartment that will include water saving, electricity saving and garbage reducing measures.” Explaining the Ganeshostav events, Shirolkar said, Our apartment contribute our part in Society’s Ganesh festival, which we observe on large scale. We participate in all programmes organized by members. We also ensure that the noise pollution levels won't create nuisance in society. We have preferred to install clay idol of Ganeshji. To avoid river pollution we collect the nirmalya (flower offerings) in a basket and handed over the segregated waste to the municipal employees at the visarjan ghat,” she said.


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