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Monday, February 24, 2014

मा.अजितदादा ,पुणे मेट्रो साठी भरीव तरतूद ,एसटीला सवलती :सामांन्यांच्या पीएमपी कडे कायम दुर्लक्ष्यच का ?

Hon .Ajitdada,

मा.अजितदादा ,पुणे मेट्रो साठी भरीव तरतूद ,एसटीला सवलती :सामांन्यांच्या पीएमपी कडे कायम दुर्लक्ष्यच  का ?

1.Compliments for substantial provision for Pune Metro & promise that Dream Project will never ever face paucity of funds !
Pune Metro Rs 10k cr now may escalate to 20k cr in next 5-10 years by the time it sees light of the day. Pune Metro may carry daily app One to Two lakhs commuters daily i.e. catering to app 5 %  citizens.
Hon Dada,within 10% of provision for Metro( Rs.1k cr - 2k cr: 10% of Rs 10k-20k) 25 Lakhs daily bus Commuters: 10 times or 1000% daily commuters (25 lakhs)can be provided by supporting PMPML for purchase of buses,infrastructure & cheaper bus fares.
The funds are better utilised ONE HUNDRED TIMES in the same amount.
Hon. Dada, All bus commuters are common citizens but all of them are
your ESTEEMED VOTERS.                        DO NOT IGNORE OR NEGLECT
pl provide annually Rs 150cr, 100cr & 100cr from PMC,PCMC & STATE GOVT respectively for 10 years (at least till Metro starts).As well the buses be purchased & provided by State Govt only as done in Tamilnadu & other States.
2.Appoint Effective & assertive Leadership & Expert Directors on PMPML.
3.Thanks for waiver of Toll to ST, & State Help. Pl exempt PMP from Toll & waive all taxes incl VAT,and give State Help.
4.ST has improved its Commuters after it reduced Bus Fare; pl direct PMPML to reduce bus fare & pass rates by 25% to 50%. It will certainly add lakhs of commuters and reduce lakhs of Private vehicles on Pune Roads.
5. Make Abolished Octroi lands to PMPML, to solve problems of thousands buses parked on roads and crores of Rs loss to PMPML.
6.Pl help in recovery of crores of rupees damage to PMP buses during agitations/Protests etc.
7.Pl order to implement immediately simple & effective public incentive and participatory in Governance Grievence Redressal system.
8.Dissolve Inactive,inefficient & selfish Board of Directors.Appoint New Board of mainly Independent Experts,with representations from PMC,PCMC,Commuters & workers ,one each.

Hon Dada,Pl Order transparent administration,latest technology/IT supported professional management. Hon Dada, as you ordered to blacklist Contractor for a inferior quality road & book defaulting Officers;accordingly Hon Dada, the the PMPML officers & Contractors corrupt and negligent in discharge of their duties needs to be taught lesson in DADA's style.

A letter in Marathi is attached.

Awaiting positive,prompt effective response,

jugal rathi     vivek velankar


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