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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Nayakgiri: Monthly Whatsup: Lights, Camera, Action

 (Author Runs blog

The Dates are announced, Venues are finalized stage is set. Lights Camera Action….
The countdown began nine months before on this blog is done. The Ideal code of conduct is in place and campaign reaches crescendo. The lead actors, behind the scene directors, not stage actors, light and sound people have taken their positions.

The plot was set much before but plot has taken interesting turn after Pulawama attacks followed by Balakot Strikes. Not that one should politicize the National Calamity/event but the fact still remains that current Political leadership has made it count. The resolve to attack Pakistan on its soil is path breaking and needed all political support which unfortunately was missing. Opposition bravado which followed exemplary line to support Government fell apart after few days. The usual noises jaundiced by their hatred to Modi, undermined national interest by challenging Indian Air Force on the strikes, appreciating Imran Khan’s role and doing everything to harm India. No need to name these noises. But as a patriot, it was a different experience for the first time that India acted and not stuck to usual rhetoric of condemnation etc. 

International community though was firmly behind India. That was not the case with International Media which somehow has strange habit of safeguarding Paki Interests and ridiculing India. I feel there is sense of envy/trepidation/bias that International media has for India which is scared to face India with a stronger role in world politics thanks to its stable systems and economic fundamentals. Now that India has strong political leadership, this potential has serious chance to actually materialize into reality.  In that case, the left leaning narrative of western media is at loss. This narrative sees enemies of India as underdogs with the exception of China which is epitome of left leaning idealogy. Now what does this left leaning of western media serve to its own interest is strange issue to study as it’s the most capitalist component of western life. May be role of Oil cash driven incentives for media houses answer this complex equation? West is selective in its position. When it comes to oil funded religious terrorism outside western world it conveniently ignores the suffering of victims. The moment the Frankenstein’s monster turns towards western world, West changes its stance to a no nonsense position. Only in recent past that all world political leadership is supporting India thanks to some good ground work done by Indian leadership. And what about India’s own internal enemies either corrupt or sold ones like creed of politicians dividing India over caste /creed and region/religion, self-servicing left leaning media stalwarts and self-proclaimed intellectuals across the spectrum. They simply hate Modi as it impacts all the corruption/underdevelopment
That’s why this election is so important. It will define future of India. I don’t see anything in opposition options to contribute to new India be it Ideas, execution, vision except corruption, falsehood, opportunism, dynastic, divisiveness and ineptitude. Whereas we have leadership that performs, its not scared to take blame/credit for actions, is uncorrupt (despite many false attempts which failed to stick eg rafale), has tightened bureaucracy, has out  of box ideas on cleanliness, startups, manufacturing. Jandhan, ujwala, and many more, has sound internal/external policies, taken on terrorism. List is too long , so go and do your part. Don’t let India fall behind by decades.
We saw US politics shaken at the top, we saw terrorism in New Zealand which has curious overtones for the future. We had major aviation crisis. Brexit has created chaos, Problems in Yemen, Venezuela, France, Hungary still persist. ISIS and afghan politics will be crucial. Iran, North Korea have flexed muscles. China though impaired by economic crisis will be a nation to watchout for its ways and manners across world.
Sena and BJP have aligned in State. Parties who have nothing to offer are creating more noises than old Congress who needs charisma. Pune is also looking to better leadership at local level.
Stock markets also are treading cautiously on various issues. Technology companies are waiting for next version. AI seems to be the next driver. Climate concerns are aggravated.
Films like Gully Boy, Total Dhamaal. Badla did well. There was overcrowding of Marathi films.
Just as we come towards the end of this post, I heard sad demise of simple CM Manohar Parrikar, an IITian in politics. Really sad.
Indian Cricket Team has found chinks in the armor just ahead of WC. But then as in elections, on the day performances matter and Team India has that X factor as in 2011.
Spring is just around the corner. Weather is soon going to change and I am talking about everything.

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