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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions: The Rich Dollops for the Cool Cravings

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions

The Rich Dollops for the Cool Cravings……

Summer is round the corner…. With day temperatures already soaring to 35-36 degrees C; it’s time to get your glares and caps and sunscreens and sun guards out, to gear up for some real heat!
It’s all about keeping yourself cool and ‘keep your cool’ as well when it gets hot-hot-hot!!  So, are you already making a list of all the “cool” stuff that you want to do this summer? How about getting the temperatures soaring with your cool summer fashion and your summer special coolers – ice golas, ice teas, fresh juices, ice candies, slushes, frappes and the ever favourite ice-creams!

What I love the most about summer is all the cool treats that one can be dig into and the grand arrival of the Royal fruit of the season – The Mango!
Come summer and I can savour, devour, eat, drink, gulp, gobble, sleep and dream Mangoes. I also make tons of mango pulp that I stack away in containers in the chilled corners of my freezer, so that I can enjoy my most favourite fruit all year round, long after it has bid adieu for the year.
I still had this little jar of mango pulp left from last year, waiting for me to grab it and transform it into something heavenly delicious. So, as I am making space in my freezer for this year’s fresh stock of mango pulp, I pull this little thing out with a plan in mind to give myself a refresher in making summer’s most sought after cool treat.
No better surprise for my High tea guests who would love an out of the box cool fiesta instead of a routine tea-coffee-muffins-puffs afternoon.
In an afternoon full of iced teas, fresh fruit ‘on the rocks’ coolers, cold sandwiches, cold salads and smoothies, my little jar of mango pulp looked all set to make a show stopper!
Thus was created the low effort, no fuss and superfast Real Mango Ice-cream!
To get going, you need….
1 ½ cups Mango pulp
200-250gm Condensed Milk
200gm Fresh cream
3 tbsp Milk Powder
Chill the blending container in the fridge for 30 minutes.  You need to make sure all your ingredients are also refrigerated for few hours before you start blending your ice-cream.
In the chilled blending container, add the mango pulp, milk powder, condensed milk and fresh cream. Using an electric blender pulse beat the mixture at low speed till it thickens to just about pouring consistency.  Pour the mixture in a flat round container and freeze it for at least 8 hours till it is fully set.
Voila! Your perfectly soft, creamy, smooth and rich ice cream is ready!!  Your ‘no fuss’, no icy chunks, no synthetics version is a pure pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds in concert!
Gently scoop out dollops of your ice-cream and serve.
While blending, keep checking after every few blends for the right consistency. It should not take you more than 5-7 minutes to reach this stage. Don’t over beat the mixture of else the cream will separate making it into buttery chunks.
Everyone back home simply loves this ice-cream. With no thickening agents, synthetic ingredients or stabilisers, I indulge my friends and family with versions of this dessert right through the summer.
 There are so many creamy flavours one can do – Chocolate, Vanilla, Fresh Strawberry, Tender Coconut, Choco chips, Mocha; I plan to try making one using the kids’ health drink powder for flavour.… Wonder how it will turn out! Sure it should be good, right? I plan to try them all this summer… guess you are keen to do that toooooo!!
So wishing you a super chilled out summer with loads of frosty creamy chilled creations from your kitchen. Keep expressing yumminess with your super cool ingenuity…. S’long!

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