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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Most Friendly Countries: No 50 South Korea


Ease of settling in: 61 (Out of 64)

Feeling at home: 61

Finding friends: 60

Moving to South Korea is definitely not easy, according to InterNation's survey. The reason for this mostly pertains to language barriers, with a good knowledge of Korean being necessary for things like opening up bank accounts and finding a place to live.

Traveling can also be a challenge if you don't know Korean. But what Korea lacks in ease, it makes up for in friendliness. Koreans are patient with expats and often very much willing to help, even when they don't speak English. Younger people tend to have a basic knowledge of English and are often excited to make foreign friends, meaning that once you find places to meet them, you'll be able to make Korean friends easily. 

Besides, the ultra-modern country also has a millenary history, incredible food and beautiful nature.

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