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Friday, January 13, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries: No 42 Peru


Ease of settling in: 38

Feeling at home: 47

Finding friends: 32

As the heart of the Incan Empire, Peru has a rich history. It also has one of the world's most famous cuisines, which is distinctly spicy in a continent where spices are few and rare.

As the 19th largest country in the world, there is an infinite amount of places to visit, with Cusco, the Amazon and the seaside capital of Lima being the most popular ones. 

Peruvians are happy people with friendly dispositions, which translates to how they receive foreigners who come visit their beautiful country. You'll find that people willingly offer to help if you ever look lost or confused and that people will be respectful and kind in the way they talk to you.

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