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Saturday, February 18, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries No 15


Ease of settling in: 37

Feeling at home: 44

Finding friends: 28

Like Peru and Ecuador, Brazil is also famous for its warm welcome. Visitors arrive for the iconic Carnival and stay to see Brazil’s gorgeous beaches and mountains. The warm, exuberant lifestyle is a big part of the country’s appeal, and a warm welcome is given to visitors.

Expats report that language and safety are issues for the country, however, and tourists should be aware of those concerns. In fact, it ranks dead last for Safety & Security. “Corruption in the government is common and, consequentially, the country is struggling,” one expat living there warns, while another notes that you “can’t do anything without learning Portuguese.”

But 83 percent of survey respondents agree that Brazilians are very friendly towards foreigners, which should make up for some of the language barriers.

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