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Friday, March 3, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries No 5


Ease of settling in: 14

Feeling at home: 9

Finding friends: 14


Many travelers have heard of Taiwan, but aren’t quite sure where it is. The answer? It’s an island off the Eastern coast of China ... and it has a complicated history. While China claims it as a part of the country, Taiwan considers itself independent.

Visiting Taiwan almost surely means a trip to its capital city, Taipei. Many Taiwanese are proud of their openness to foreign visitors, seeing it as a difference between their country and China. From skyscrapers to temples, Taiwan offers many similar sites to China, but in a smaller, particularly open environment.

One Canadian survey respondent put it succinctly: “I have found my home in Taiwan. On this friendly island, I have found peace, love and health.”

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