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Monday, May 10, 2010

Edition 17- Mystery of missing drops

Not even civic authorities know where the half of water goes. While the water shortage is daily phenomenon, the authorities say they are clueless where 50% supply goes without reaching to people
Pune Municipal commissioner Mahesh Zagade on Tuesday said that the city has been callously wasting water, and despite getting more then required quota of drinking water, the administration has been unable to quench the city needs.
Replying the debate over water crisis in the parts of the city, the municipal commissioner said, "The state irrigation has sanctioned 11 TMC (thousand million cubic metres) water. Last year, Pune received 14 TMC water. Even if we consider that city has a population of 35 lakh and 135-150 litre water is provided per head on daily basis, city's need comes to about 7.8 TMC. This means, the city is using double quota of water than required. This is a callous waste."
He added that there is something seriously wrong in the water supply system. "We are getting 14 TMC water when our need is about 7.8 TMC. Then, what happens to other 7 TMC water? Where does this water go? These questions should be answered to find a solution on water crisis. We look for temporary solutions for the serious disease of the water supply system."
When corporators asked about the Bhama Askhed project, the municipal commissioner said the civic administration has forwarded the proposal to the state government for the approval.
Corporators across party lines said the real problem is of unequal distribution, leakage and old pipelines. In his draft budget for 2010-2011, Zagade has proposed Rs 90 crore to lay a closed pipeline from the Khadakwasla dam and a water treatment plant at Warje with a capacity of 200 MLD (Million Litres Per Day).
The Environment Status Report of 2008-09 has highlighted negligence towards ensuring an efficient water supply system for the city.
"The old water supply lines are rusted and require repairs. The PMC lacks a system to control water supply. The city has faulty meters and absence of water supply data makes it difficult to calculate water usage," observed the report. The ESR also categorically mentioned that the PMC has no maps of the old water pipeline network which makes it difficult to carry out repair works.
"The estimated population of the city is 35 lakh and the daily water supply to the city is 1,005 MLD. The total wastage in supply system is 20 per cent, of which 12 per cent is because of problems in the water distribution system and 8 per cent water is wasted during treatment. About 20 MLD water is supplied daily to Urali Devachi, the fire brigade gets 6 MLD water while 2 MLD water is given to tankers. Finally, 776 MLD water is supplied to the city of which 25 per cent is provided to slums," states the ESR.

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