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Monday, May 10, 2010

Edition 17- Sampatrao Patil: Lack of Manpower

Sitting in his office at morning, senior inspector Sampatrao Patil takes stock of the situation in areas which fall under the jurisdiction of Shivajinagar police station. There are some people who are sitting on a fast in front of Pune Municipal Corporation building while a morcha of the workers from Osmanabad has come to Sakhar Sankul building. He makes sure that his men have reached to both the spots so that any untoward incident is avoided.
Working in the police department since 25 years, Patil has resolved that this hustle bustle is part and parcel of his job. Speaking to City Blog, he told about his experience in the police force. “I joined the Maharashtra police after passing examination which was conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission. That was in year 1986. I worked in the various stations in Mumbai till 2001 when I was transferred to Solapur.”
While serving in Solapur, Patil had a chance to work with Ashok Kamte, who shed his life while fighting the terrorists in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. “He was my senior and I worked under him,” he said proudly.
After working at Solapur for two years, Patil came to Pune. He was first posted at Deccan Police station and then he took charge of Shivajinagar Police Station about a year ago, on April 4, 2009.
Speaking about his area of jurisdiction, he said, “We come across various types of complaints and crimes. For a policeman, the nature of the work remains same anywhere. There is hardly any difference.” At present, area stretching from PMC building to court and Jangli Maharaj road fall under the jurisdiction of Shivajinagar station.
About his experience in the department, he said, “The duty given to a policeman is full of tension and pressure. We have to face so many incidents and men. It is sometimes unbearable. The one thing that is plaguing the department is shortage of manpower. We have a dearth of people and whatever duties, work there are, are carried out by handful of people. This sometimes puts tremendous pressure on us.”
This was evident from that fact that within 10 minutes of discussion, Patil twice received calls saying that his men were not visible on two above mentioned places. Some immediate enquiries followed and it was revealed that the marshals were already left for the scene.
This fact is corborated by the government at centre. Last week, minister of state for home affairs Ajay Maken told the Rajya Sabha that there is a widespread shortage of personnels in police department. Maharashtra has the highest number of vacancies 49,252 in the country. The situation has become so critical that the country has merely 129 cops per one lakh of population as against the United Nations norm of 220 police personnel per one lakh of population.

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