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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Prepared is Pune for Monsoons?

We Punekars face great hardships during rains thanks to our roads, water logging, open drainages, power cuts and many basic civic amenties get affected. Every year PMC claims to be prepared. But dumping of construction waste, blocking of nalas, culverts, drains create havoc everyyear. Problem of unauthorized dumping , construction gets severe every year. So it is a problem , if it rains. If it doesnt we face water shortage. Every year we pray for good monsoon. Monsoon gets delayed every year. we face water cuts. Then politicians and adminstartion gets awake and usual panic sets in.

How prepared are we for 2011 Monsoons? We invite readers to point out unfinished , unattended work so we can raise it with administration. Do write comments below or send us mail on

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