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Monday, September 24, 2018

Cityblog Special: Movie review by Hrishikesh Kale

Was engrossed in job and stocks so not posted any reviews. But watched Manmarjiyaan yesterday so have to vomit something out. Here are my points to note
1. Should be named Tanmarjiyaan rather than Manmarjiyaan.
2. Anurag Kashyap is not Sooraj Barjatya. He is best with dark grim stories of gangwars, bombblasts etc. and with nawazuddin siddiqui spurting out BC MC every alternate minute and Kuku rather than Raj like characters. Imagine Sunny Leone working as a lead in Hum aap ke hai kaun :):)
3. I wonder how it is in punjab where parents allow a stud to jump terraces and XXX their daughter on the terrace. 
4. The girl moves from one boyfriend to husband and usually runs across. Now I know confusion . frustration is where a modern marathoner is born.
5. Vicky kaushal is awesome and a complete 100% different character from what he played in Raazi.
6. Abhishek Bacchan should have taken a longer sabbatical.
7. Overall I have more mundane worries whether to buy Stock A or Stock B.
8. The logical progression in Tanmarjiyaan part 2 will be that there are two guys and a third option a woman also adds to the confusion in the era of 
Sec 377.
9. Finally i was confused. The lady loves A, has unofficial 'honeymoon' with A, marries B, has 'official honeymoon' with B, then moves back to A again has unofficial honeymoon with A, then divorces B, meanwhile A leaves her, She and B divorce and then finally again has a honeymoon sequel with B after divorce. The question is while the latest honeymoon be called official or unofficial. Watch to find out Cheerio.

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