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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cityblog Feature: Nayakgir: Whatsup Roundup: Final Leg

Author runs blog:

Final Leg
As 2019 has seen end of its first month, coming days are definitive towards shaping of future for many. This is the last leg of definite period be it for entire World and is Most important time for India, Maharashtra, Pune, Indian Businesses and finally Indian Cricket team. We started this column in Aug 18 when we started countdown of nine months leading to April 19. Collectively as a society we should be aware and evaluate all options whether to lead India into chaos of inactive corruption or provide stability while correcting few flaws of clean assertive governance
For World the most important aspect for all the nations should stress upon is Climate. Already we have seen vagaries of nature resulting into deaths and destruction be it extreme cold, heat, draughts, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis. Another is widening gap between haves and have-nots creating many socio-political, economic strife resulting into wars and terror. Common playing field for business and strategic cooperation across boundaries is something countries should facilitate.  We have seen such deadlocks during US shutdown, Brexit. Rise of Nationalism across liberal countries is also worrying trend. China’s ambitions have already impacted the region and influenced Korean peninsula , Japan and SE  and south Asia.  Its trade though has been impacted. We need to rein autocratic regimes. South America is facing severe law and order problems like those in Brazil, Venezuela. US withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan will create vacuum which is dangerous. Stock markets worldwide have taken beating and few experts predict biggest slowdown worse than 2008. Social media and ecommerce is seriously challenged by privacy policies and security.
For India 
we have 2019 General elections.  Already atmosphere is charged and parties have already sounded their bugle. We have seen an interim Budget which offered sops to salaried class and farmers. This should have been done earlier but better late than never.  Also we don’t expect any reforms in election year. More could have been done earlier.  It was a smart budget. Government has opened another debate by introduction of economic reservations. Courts frivolous approach towards issues like Ayodhya and Sabrimala will have great impact during this last leg as both parties will tend to use these issues politically. Solution though has to involve political consensus guided by able leadership across communities rather than litigation. Congress has decided to use Priyanka trump card which is still black box politically.  Events unfolded during Mamata vs BJP conflict have also significance considering Mamta’s role to create Mahagathbandhan. Mahagathbandhan is a mirage which is totally nonexistent. People will not be fooled by these proven corrupt politicians. If these people have their usual ways in elections, it will push India at least 20 years back. We have already seen instability in Karnataka. Lets hope we see stability in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan where cracks have emerged and law and order seem to be an issue. Citizenship bill has impacted northeast. At least the attempt to bring NE issues forth was not done since independence. Attempts to bring back economic offenders are commendable. NPAs have been reined. But Elections as always are funny ball game as observed in these states.  Though some errors have been made on implementation of some drastic decisions, message going to masses is very important. Despite adequate social media impact, grassroots offer very difficult pitch to bat on. Anti-Incumbency is now the key issue for Indian voters.
Now let’s put positives of incumbents which promises us assertive clean governance.
Governance:  WE are clearly experiencing ease of getting work  or information across government offices. Some insider news have explained us how there is accountability at work place for all babus and how the Delhi insider coteries are broken.
Growth and Jobs: Opposition are crying hoarse on jobless growth and even trying politicizing data reports. But expert global economists have ruled out possibility of growth without jobs. Indian GDP has grown beyond doubts and thus all hue and cry about lack of jobs are untrue.
Corruption: Though opposition till date has not found single evidence till they started lying repeatedly on Rafale. Government has responded pointwise on each allegation but opposition machinery has pressed on. More economic offenders are being brought in including family members on various accounts. Of course corruption still exists at low levels which impacts man on streets. We as Indians should think about it.
Reforms:  Though reforms are not done at required pace but at least issues like fiscal deficit has been controlled. Freebie policies won’t work but strong discipline is needed. We have seen increased ease of Business. FDI numbers are good. Structural reforms in BFSI and other sectors have been introduced. We need not let bad politics impact those reforms in future.
Out of box:  We saw for first time that basic and very important issues have been addressed after independence. Swatch Bharat results are seen all across. Though numbers are not that flattering on Make in India or Digital India but things are moving in right direction.
Infrastructure: The ministers and ministries like Railways, Electricity, Telecom, Roads and surface transport have put in some very serious work and we have seen results.
Foreign Affairs: India is now serious player in world politics and economics. We have had our ways in very difficult situations like Tariff wars, Iran Sanctions, China influence, Gulf and h1b crisis, Brexit, South and SE Asia politics. Proactiveness has helped us in Srilanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Rohignya crisis, We have isolated Pakistan on various forums. But Pakistan as a country will be perennial trouble maker for India and we have to be strong as we had during surgical strikes.
Defense: We have seen ‘Josh’ in army during Kashmir crisis, NE terrorism, China border conflicts. We have seen some key purchases to strengthen army. But politics of dirtiest level are trying to malign the process. OROP and pay commission issues are treated sensibly.
Anti-Terror: Touch wood but we have seen steps against terror modules through some serious intelligence and thrust. We have seen plots unearthed and so terror is handled capably. We have seen losses due to internal conflicts as in Naxal hit areas and Kashmir. But Army has shown intent in eliminating terrorists. There can we arguments by those unfortunately enjoying life in India but who don’t like India occupancy in Kashmir , that all is not well. They should be sent to the streets with Jawans to experience what it is first hand to be on the field.
Isro, DRDO and Technology: We have seen innovation by Indian scientists all across the fields. Education is being focused upon. DRDO and ISRO has shown what India is capable of if given their way
Inclusive growth: The biggest parody of India is struggle between have and have nots. This has been addreses by schemes like Jandhan , Ayush, Ujjwala which have seen growth story reaching last man as expected in Antyodaya. But lot needs to be done. Let’s not stop this story   to some greedy politicians who might try to help poor as they have done for 60 years in past.
Intolerance and Freedom of Expression Tirade: Finally this issue is highlighted by sold media and intellectuals with clouded or vested vision. They claim that environment is intolerant and people are being killed on roads in India. Certain stray incidents have been sighted as evidence but we have seen much worse killings for 60 years in past. India as a country has many uncomfortable issues to deal with due to its vast and rich history. Added to that is daily struggle to live and let live for man on the streets. We don’t get carried away by the cries of wolves who have lost their relevance and livelihood and who create bad name for India for their own political and economic benefits. No one’s freedom of expression is challenged proven by very fact that they can protest freely. In these days of social media you cannot suppress freedom of expression.
Having listed all points, reader may read bias in the analysis towards incumbents. But elections can be funny with anti-incumbency that plays major role as seen even in 2014 . But a sensible voter has to see beyond that. Yes this government could have done better on economic front, implementation of well-meaning things like demonetization and GST but let’s provide our economy another chance and not let us roll bacl another wasted decade as we had seen after promising years of Vajpayee government. But we have seen strange things and we need to seriously
For Maharashtra and Pune , National issues which matter will impact its electorate. In addition we have water and draught situation that will depend on monsoon. We need to plan better for farmers. We need to work on local issues like Urban planning, waste water management, Roads, metro, public transport, flex banners, traffic discipline. We also need to guard us against caste based divide intentionally placed by wily old politicians.
And having seen Djoikovich ruling the tennis world, Indian team conquered Australia and NZ (ODIs). Now last leg towards WC 2019 has started. The team core looks solid except couple of places in lower middle order. Top Order batting and bowling options look solid. We have serious chance than any other world cup. Barring England, who now will have scars of Caribbean, will be the only force which can challenge us?  NZ and SA having some good cricket skills also need to be treaded carefully. You cannot rule out Aus. , WI and Pak punching over their weight. My fifteen for the cup
XI: Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli, Pant, Dhoni, Kedar, H  Pandya, Bhuvi, Bumrah, Kuldeep, shami
Reserves; Rahane, Chahal, U Yadav, jadeja
We had some entertaining films like Simba totally dominated by Marathi  actors. We also had exceptional film like URI which was great presentation of Army skills.
Regarding Bhai Vyakti and Valli
Actually I reserved my opinion on 'Bhai Vyakti Ki Valli' till i saw both the parts which i did yesterday. Its duty of every Pu La fans like yours truly to appreciate attempt made to understand the story of his life. Film though high on enterainment esp in part1 fails to recreate the essence of Pu La and his deep philosopny (some elites who have serious doubts about Pu La as serious author may laugh at this at their own expense). Its a difficult task but serious opportunity is wasted. It could have been done much better. Central theme linked aroud his admission in ICU itself has flaws. Have some better ideas for eg : A reader lying in hospital bed listening to kathakathan of asami asami which is autobiography of a common man. with discussion with another fan wondering how PL's own storry ran and then we could have gone sequentially. and on each front we could have bettter script explaining PL touches.. anyways acting is good. Second part is but monotonous. Overall and PL's greatness is kind of eclipsed by others around which i totally beg to disagree....
We had great finale to Chote sur veer. Kudos to entire team . Though I don’t agree to final result but then it’s the format and all finalists were exceptional.  Marathi  serials are getting more social media eyeballs in Maharashtrian world across globe.

As we see last leg of winter unusually cool in Pune and also exceptional freeze in this part  of the world, we look forward to spring coming soon … Hope we have great spring and summer resulting into good monsoons and election results for Indians. Lets  think correctly

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