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Sunday, May 16, 2021



The Day of the Jackal

- Author name: Frederick Forsyth
- Date published: 1971

In 1972, “The Day of the Jackal” won the Edgar Award for best novel. The story, by an English author named Frederick Forsyth, is about an assassin hired by the Organization of American States (OAS) to kill the president of France, Charles de Gaulle. Complicating matters for those trying to protect de Gaulle, and for readers of this legendary spy thriller, no one actually knows the identity of Jackal.

Little Fires Everywhere

- Author name: Celeste Ng
- Date published: 2017

Celeste Ng’s literary thriller “Little Fires Everywhere” might not be the high-stakes story that many of the other books on this list are, but it’s still a nail-biting novel. Set in the planned suburb of Shaker Heights, it follows the members of the rule-following Richardson family and the free-spirited Mia Warren as their lives become more and more entwined, eventually changing the fate of their community forever. 

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