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Saturday, May 22, 2021



The Holdout

- Author name: Graham Moore
- Date published: 2020

“The Holdout” is set 10 years after the close of a murder case that shocked the world with its lack of a criminal conviction. A true-crime docuseries has brought together the jurors of that infamous case to discuss their surprising original verdict, and things get even more twisted when one of their own turns up dead in the hotel room of another. This legal thriller about how justice is perceived was written by Graham Moore, a New York Times bestselling novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter.

The Guest List

- Author name: Lucy Foley
- Date published: 2020

A magazine publisher and her television star beau have just welcomed a select group of guests to a remote island off the coast of Ireland to celebrate their wedding when a murder occurs. Everyone on the island has a motive and a secret, and it’s up to the reader to discover who did it before the police do. Lucy Foley’s “The Guest List” is an exciting new addition to the genre of isolated, closed-circle mysteries, and is sure to keep you on your toes every step of the way.




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