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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Blessed with a vast coverage of dense forest, Durshet, in the lap of the majestic Sahyadris offers a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. A perfect blend of calmness and beauty intertwined with the sparkling water of Amba River, Durshet presents the nature at its best.

The Amba River, which flows through the woody forest, would be full of huge natural waterfalls during rainy season and trekking through this majestic falls amidst the lush greenery is a unique experience. The abundance of green all around is thrilling as well as invigorating. Peeling shyness and having a ‘face off’ with your wild side seems most natural here. Durshet offers more adventurous actions like rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing to those who are not satisfied with the mild challenges of trudging and trekking.

The unexposed tourist destination, Durshet offers spectacular views of the Sahyadri ranges. A haven of birds, many rare verities of bird species are available here and the chirping of these birds fill the air with lovely warmth. Apart from this, number of butterflies getting inebriated on nectar or laying eggs on their favorite plants is also worth watching.

Cool squall of light wind, dazzling blazes of lightning, roll of drums in the sky and the stimulating smell of wet earth indicates yet another monsoon. While the respite from heat and dust is more than welcome, the joy of monsoon can be experienced with its full charm at Durshet.

A holy Darshan in the temples, a romantic morning walk through the silent banks of lovely water bodies, a challenging trek on the ghats, Durshet is a great place for rejoicing the splendor of nature far from the dissonance of the city life.

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