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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Edition 10: MBS visit

New Business School is a leading business school in Netherlands. Round Table India has an opportunity to
interact with students and professors on regular basis. As a part of their curriculum, they have an international charity section. They decided to raise funds in Netherlands for worthy Round table India school projects. After a lot of scrutiny of worthy charities they zeroed on work of Round table in Building schools all around India. Within Round Table they had invited proposals from various table units. We at PRRT105 had proposed our permanent project Nerlekar School at Khadakwadi for this purpose. Based on short listing, our project was one of the three projects in area they selected. As a part of process they arrived in Pune for cultural understanding as well as school visits. There were 12 students and Prof Rammers who accompanied them. They attended Antarnad program by Art of Living where 2000 vocalists performed. They had industrial visits to Tata Motors and Volkswagen. They enjoyed stay in
families and also had few social parties hosted by tablers.
On saturday 16th Jan, we took them to our school at Khadakwadi. They were visiting rural area for first time. They realized the stark difference in India which parties in city and Bharat which lives in villages. They were really moved when they were informed about economic status of students and hardships they face. They were presented to a musical welcome and cultural show which they thoroughly enjoyed. They also saw self defense demonstration by girls. They were introduced to national integration theme songs. They really enjoyed it.
They understood school building construction plan. They realized that there was no library so they decided to help that cause. They had already committed 3500 Euros funding for the building. In addition they donated cricket sets to the school. They were interested to see kitchen where midday meal is served.
The highlight of event was all NBS students mobbed by school children from villages for autographs and photos. It was touching sight. They mixed with children nicely while some even dancing with them.
Really a satisfying experience for all tablers of 105...
To know more about Round Table India and its mission to educate underprivileged children please visit or contact 9766677559 for details on Nerlekar school at Khandakwadi.

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