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Monday, March 8, 2010

Edition 11; Quiz

Which was the worst famine of modern times?
Choose one of the following:
Bengal famine, 1943-44 o
Irish famine, 1852 o
Famine in China, 1969 o
Famine in Ethiopia, 1973 o
Which cyclone had the highest death toll?
Choose one of the following:
Cyclone in Bangladesh, 1970 o
Cyclone in Bengal, 1942 o
Cyclone in Orissa, 1999 o
Cyclone in Andhra Pradesh, o 1997
Which earthquake led to the maximum loss of life?
Choose one of the following:
Latur earthquake (India, 1993) o
Gujarat Earthquake (India,2001) o
The Great Shaanxi Earthquake o
(China, 1556)
The Great Kanto Earthquake o
(Japan, 1923)
Which was the largest modern day landslide?
Choose one of the following:
Gansu Province, China, 1920 o
Mount St Helens, USA, 1980 o
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1966 o
West Java, Jakarta, 2001 o
Which was the costliest natural disaster?
Choose one of the following:
Kobe earthquake (Japan, 1995) o
The San Francisco earthquake o
(USA, 1906)
The Gujarat earthquake o
(India, 2001)
The Orissa cyclone (India,1999) o
Which was the worst hailstorm in terms of loss to property?
Choose one of the following:
The Great Munich hailstorm, o
The hailstorm in Hampton, 1997 o
The hailstorm in Brisbane, 1985 o
The hailstorm in Bangladesh, o
Which event led to a year without a summer, in 1815?
Choose one of the following:
A forest fire o
A cyclone o
An earthquake o
A volcanic eruption o
Where was the worst monsoon recorded, in terms of loss of life, disease and damage to property?
Choose one of the following:
Thailand o
India o
Sri Lanka o
Which fire disaster caused the maximum losses to life and property?
Choose one of the following:
The Australian bush fire of 1983 o
The fire following the San o
Fransisco earthquake in 1906
The Isle of Man Summerland o
fire of 1973
Fire on the ocean liner o
Morro Castle in 1934
Which was the greatest non-war sea disaster?
Choose one of the following:
The sinking of the Titanic o
The sinking of the o
Haitian ferry, Neptune
Sea ferry Dao Paz's o
collision with the ferry Vector, in the Philippines
Sinking of the ship, Empress o
of Ireland

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