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Monday, June 7, 2010

Edition 23: Bollywood

Deepika ‘Very Comfortable’ In Sari
Deepika Padukone is Right now excited about walking the red carpet at the ongoing 63rd Cannes International Film Festival for liquor brand Chivas Regal.

'This is the first time I am going to a festival like this. Initially I was a bit hesitant but now I am looking forward to meet great people from all across the globe,' she said. Interestingly, she will flaunt a sari at the event. She has decided to wear a sari, designed by Rohit Bal, at the red carpet.
'Sari is a very sensual garment and whenever people from other countries discuss about sari, they just say one word - wow!!,' said Deepika.
She also admitted that she feels very comfortable in a sari and can drape one in just 30 seconds.

In the past Aishwarya Rai and Mallika Sherawat earned flak for their bad dressing sense at the Cannes, but Deepika is unperturbed and says she is least bothered about criticism.

Actress Deepika Padukone, who has reportedly rekindled her romance with long-time boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, has clarified that she is not planning to get married anytime soon.
'I am just 24 and I have a enough time to decide whom and when to get married to. So, whenever that happens, I will let you people know,' Deepika told reporters at a press conference here Wednesday.

Big B’s Caste Is Indian
While the debate over caste census intensifies with most parties rooting for it, Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan is clear where he stands on the controversial issue. If ever asked to mention his caste, he says categorically, he would be ready with the answer -- Indian.
Census enumerators came calling on the Bachchan household, prompting Amitabh to express his views on the issue of caste census.
'Wary of the sensitivity that this has raised recently by politicians, they keep away from it. They reason that they would wait for some government decision on this. I tell them irrespective of what the system decides, my answer is ready - caste, Indian,' he wrote on his blog
Big B says that his father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, a noted Hindi poet and litterateur, never believed in caste system.
'My Father never believed in caste and neither do any of us. He married a Sikh (Teji Bachchan), I married a Bengali (Jaya Bhaduri), my brother a Sindhi (Ramola), my daughter (Shweta) a Punjabi (Nikhil Nanda), my son (Abhishek) a Mangalorean (Aishwarya Rai)... in his autobiography he (Harivansh Rai) had expressed that future generations of his family should marry into different parts of the country. So far that tradition has been kept alive!!'

Hrithik’s Kites In Copyright Trouble
Hrithik Roshan starrer Kites just can't keep out of trouble. Two weeks before the release of the Rs 150 crore film, producer Rakesh Roshan faces allegations of copyright infringement.
On Monday, a Bihar Civil Court ordered a stay on the film's release after a person named Laxmi Prasad, of Sunbeam Holdings, claimed that Roshan owes him Rs 10 crore, allegedly for the copyright of the action scenes in the film. Talking to HT City, a baffled Roshan said he's never heard of this man before.
"I have no idea who this guy is. He lives in some village in Bihar and claims that he has the copyright for the action of my film.
How is it even possible? The action director of our film is Hollywood-based Spiro Razatos. There is absolutely no truth in this.
My legal advisors are looking into the matter and the team is flying to Bihar today (Tuesday) and I hope the matter is resolved soon." Rubbishing rumours that Roshan agreed for an out-of-court settlement and will pay Prasad Rs 5 crore now, Roshan says, "I have never heard from him, I have never met him or spoken to him for any sort of negotiation.
" Asked if the stay order will affect the film's release, Roshan says, "Absolutely not. The film will definitely release as per schedule.
" When contacted, the spokesperson for distributors Reliance Big Pictures, while acknowledging that there's legal trouble, said, "We cannot comment as the matter is sub-judicate.".

Akki Gets Away Lightly
Akshay Kumar''s celeb status came to his rescue when he escaped the wrath of a Canadian police officer despite hitting his car. The actor got the traffic ticket when he hit a police car by accident while shooting his film ''Thank You'' but when the official realised that he was a renowned Indian actor, he shook hand and even posed for a picture with Akshay.
Akshay was filming a scene for the Anees Bazmi film where he had to drive his car back and forth and in the process, the actor rammed his car into a Canadian policeman''s car by mistake. He had to pay a fine for his mistake but when the cops got to know that it was all for a shoot, they posed with him and took snaps, media reports said.
Akshay is quite popular with the Indo-Canadian community here for his roles in films like ''Namaste London'' and ''Singh Is Kinng''.

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