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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unique Identity Card

Imagine a card that can replace your entire important documents. You don’t have to carry photo identity or your address proof every time you went to open your Bank account, buy a sim card or other such other such activity. Keeping all things in mind Government came up with a card which will replace your entire document plus would be your identity too. The card is called Unique Identity Card (UID CARD), also named as Aadhaar.

Mr. Nandan Nilekani, the Chairman of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), thought of having a card which would give identity to every citizen of India and would be the one single document of your lifetime. This was started on February 2011, in Pune, with the motive to provide everyone who is with the minimum of 5 yrs to the maximum with the card. With the introduction of this card, slowly other documents like Driving License, PAN Card, Passport and other important documents can be replaced with it.
The card is been issued to the public but in a slow process. Mr. Vinod Pawar, Varification officer, explains, “The procedure is slow and is ongoing. The centre will not be able to handle many people at one time. The capacity of one machine is 50 persons per day”. Many people are yet not aware about this UID and what it is. To which Officer says, “This is something which people should come to know from each other. We don’t want to publicize it”. There have been rumours that there is a deadline to this card which was not true. As this is an ongoing process, there can never be a deadline.  Also there was news on one of the leading newspapers in Pune about the same Forms number allotted to various persons, to which Mr. Vinod says, “This is just act of publicity. Even if the number of form is same, the UID number will be different for everyone. This is not a big issue”.
The Government work has its own bad image. Keeping that in mind, the UID is been kept separately. This makes the work more valuable. The procedure are also been kept easy so that people won’t get confuse and tiered. “One just need to fill the form and should provide a photo identity proof and an address proof. They need to visit the centre, give that form. Then their finger print and Iris test will be done. Within 3 months, they will receive their card at the given address”, explains Mr. Pawar.
While designing this, Mr. Nandan has thought over almost every possible complication that might arise. There are chances that while putting the name, there might be spelling mistakes. To avoid that, they have one screen towards the applicant so that one can check the details filled are perfect or not. Sometimes, older people who have operated for cataract, face problem with the system taking their Iris. For that, the system has been designed to try for certain limit after which it accepts it considering the situation. In this case, the finger prints are most important. And when finger prints are proper, Iris sample plays a very important role. Verification Officer explains, “Every individual has a unique Iris and finger prints. No two persons can ever have a similar Iris and finger print, which further helps an individual to hold a different identity”.
From centre, the data are sent to Delhi to match with the latest Census. Then they are sent to Bangalore for the further procedure and are dispatched from there. When a girl gets married and her surname changes, the name in the UID needs to be changed too. At that time, the procedure will be the same, but the number allotted to the girl will remain same. This process is the same for any changes that is needed; name, address, surname. The Government has selected few centers for the UID cards. The centers are Government places, Municipal Corporations, Cultural places which are under Corporations. Mr. Vinod explains the reason, “Private places are not chosen as center just to avoid any kind of malpractice. The process issuing card should be fair”. The government is planning to make it compulsory for government employees by not giving salary to those who don’t have UID. But the decision is not yet taken. As the procedure is time taking, the decision seems to be on hold.
Unlike any other work, this also has a few complications. There are few political parties, who are taking it as an opportunity to win votes, are advertising it by announcing in slum areas that those who have UID will receive some amount from Government. Due to which, this is getting a negative publicity and people from those slums are visiting the centers with a hope of getting money. As there are no strong rules and regulations are being laid down for UID, it is facing difficulties in few parts of the Nation. But in spite of that, people are aware that the UID, which will have a unique number and will be different for every individual, is the benefit to them and the up-coming generation. With no chance of duplication, this avoids frauds. All the data of an individual will be there which can be obtained very easily through bar code present there in Card. India is slowly moving towards a better place and this would help in the growth.

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