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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cityblog Feature: Nayakgiri: Independence Day

Tomorrow morning we will be awakened by Loudspeakers playing patriotic Manoj Kumar songs, Kids will be getting ready to go to school for flag hoisting,  You may have planned to attend flag hoisting at society or office or any social group.  Some will listen to PM speech and rest. There will be trio-color everywhere. Some might use this opportunity to chill out, picnic, long drives, restaurants , movies and so on. Criticizing the rituals now is cliche.  But what options we the people have to make the relevance of independence day more relevant.
Responsibility of independence should be year round and this day be just left to celebration as mentioned above ideally. Following is checklist for year round activities to mark us a as good citizens of Free India. Mind it that though this column does not want to be didactic and holier than thou attitude but simple practical ways I think I can contribute. This list may be edited, added , deleted as you wish depending on individual thoughts but would like to share mine.
l Do I follow traffic rules all the while.
l I do not encourage corruption in day to day and work related issues by offering bribe to achieve my ends
l Do I maintain my locality and neighborhood clean
l Do I help environment by planting trees, not using plastic (minimal), not dumping waste into rivers, maintaining cleanliness, avoid use of cars, AC, bottled waters , not creating loud volume noises and so on.
l Do I vote?
l Do I participate in any social service activity helping under-privileged?
l Do I treat my domestic staff fairly and provide them with dignity?
l Do I treat my elders respectfully and take care of their needs?
l Am I a right influence for my children and younger ones around me.
l Do I use resources optimally like Petrol, Electricity, Water, Food?
l Have I maintained cordial relationships in family, friends, society , community and nation.
l Do I work hard for betterment of my family , office, country and community?
l Do I follow work ethics at work place?
l Do I pay my taxes correctly?
l Have I pledged my organs for donation?
l Am I keen to seek knowledge by reading, using media tools, observation?
l Am I a good brand ambassador for my country outside India?
 List though may seem long but is simple to follow. Do let me know your views in comments if you have.
If you do this then only you have right to criticize system, politicians and society as most of cloumns will do in tomorrow’s media.
Wish you a very Happy Independence Day.

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