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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cityblog Salute and Condolences: Ajit Wadekar (1st April 1941-15th Aug 2018)

(1st April 1941-15th Aug 2018)

Ajit Wadekar's name will always be etched in our memories for leading India to her first series wins in England and West Indies against much more formidable opponents. 
every person has a life changing moment and his was when he was travelling by bus to college. he was keen to become an engineer. on the bus, he met Baloo Gupte who offered him the role of a 12th man in their cricket team at a princely amount of Rs 3 per day. Wadekar felt excited with the offer and the cricketing history of our nation changed. the twin victories made us believe that we could stand toe to toe agains5 the best. under him Bombay won 15 consecutive Ranji trophies. a soft spoken humble man never really got his dues from the sport in his later life. RIP Mr Wadekar, you were a role model for many of our generation.

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