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Monday, August 13, 2018

Cityblog Feature Nayakgiri

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Whats up

We are now in the last leg of Summer after which colorful festival of Fall mesmerizing everyone in this part of world. Starting with IPL followed by World Cup Soccer, Wimbledon and finally India Vs England series which is not going well for India. But certain individuals excel on sports landscape

Kohli ::
This guy now has no peaks left to conquer: part of test team No1 as player and captain. Part of world cup and CT winning team, Successful economically . Role model for today’s  overaggressive youth. But they should also note his commitment, passion and discipline and his hunger to succeed. Though he may have crossed boundaries on aggression but you can understand him as a part of package called Kohli. Master at chasing, going for win attitude, fitness, elegant stroke play across the field. Timing, placement, great defensive technique, running between the wickets, catching and fielding. May he comeback in series with team India lifting the trophy. And finally in same country lifting the ICC WC 2019. Its just an year away.

P V Sindhu ::
Another sportsperson in limelight was P V Sindhu. She won the silver medal after losing her BWF Badminton World Championships final clash to Spain's Carolina Marin at Nanjing, China. She has vowed to comeback and fight. "Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss - Dough Williams", she wrote. Sindhu went on to write that she wasn't disappointed to not have won the gold but was proud of her silver medal. "It brings me an immense amount of pleasure to bring back the silver consecutively 2 Nd year in the BWF world championships. I didn't lose the gold, I won the silver and I can proudly say my silver sparkles." She was trolled for being happy and contended. But I appreciate her resolve, discipline and dedication to her game. I have heard about her long hours of training under guidance of her coach Gopichand, her motivation. Lets hope she wins gold for India at world and Olympics stage.

World ::
Lots of things happening at highest executive levels in US. Be it Russian poll inquiry, trails, tariff war, G7 stance, Meetings with Russia and N Korea Heads, Mexican wall , shutdown, Guns, National anthem, anti press tirades, Nato issues, justice appointment, restrictive policies, list goes on and on. The mid terms will really gauge public mood or will they not?.
Britain is again at loss to manage impact of Brexit. Turkey had elections or so called ones to support hardliner Erdogan. US stance on Syrian pullout has created confusion and rise is violence. Russia after successful World cup came out winner in most of diplomacy, Pak elections created new set of violence in area including Afghanistan. Imran khan as PM will really be interesting.

Business ::
Tech companies especially in social media like Twitter, fb lost in markets though Apple came out as top winner. Cloud, Data Analytics, Big Data, Mobility are no more buzz words but reality for most of CIOs , while ensuring security. Tariff war also impacted some sectors across globe. Reliance is taking on Amazon in e-commerce. Indian IT is trying to live with uncertainties in US policy making but adding value, expertise will be key apart from introducing new trends in being cost effective. Now that GST is resolved, most sectors need to use new technologies and trends to excel. Make in India should really take off.

Nature ::
Another matter of concern are rising incidences of flood like in Kerala, Northern and Easter India, Flooding of cities like Mumbai , Chennai, also is matter of concern. Californian fire, Fire in Greece, heatwave in Europe, Indonesian Earthquake. Draught in various parts of world really make us understand how global warming is going to create chaos iin future.

Nation ::
The biggest loser in politics especially in the house is Indian National Congress with losses in no confidence motion  as well Rajya Sabha Dy Speaker elections. No confidence motion had no rationale or momentum. Modi came triumphant each time. Lets see if opposition unity as shown in Karnataka take Modi Shah on till 2019. Of course these are opportunist who are leaving no stone unturned to divide society on various basis. Kashmir saw rise in violence as in summer but this time cease fire which was uncalled for created more issues for Army and State. Salute to those martyrs in Kashmir, Maoist areas. We lost Karunanidhi in politics a big influence. There seem to be vacuum after Jaylalitha and MK, Listening Thaliva??, Mamata in Bengal  became more vitriolic and aggressive. She has not graduated from being a protester to be incumbent even after so many years. Assam  NRC decision on illegal  immigrants is right one to stop vote bank politics. Despite many positives in Business, Governance , Infrastructure, legislation (last session being most productive), certain set of beneficiaries of past regime especially those in Judiciary, press, films have been negative about remarks on intolerance, emergency like situation. All seems well when you see videos of long queue for IKEA Opening in Hyderabad

Maharashtra ::
Its sad for state not to inaugurate first IKEA store and lose out to Hyderabad. Rightfully their decision was justified looking at street riots regarding reservations for a segment of society. This is nothing but part of larger scheme of divide and rule by opposition led by wily leaders. The protest went so personal against CM who has been denying these opportunists to continue on plundering state coffers under various govt schemes, coop scandals, banking scandals, name them all. Of course there is casteist angle to these violent protests. With marathwada under draught scare, there has to be cohesion to deal with real issues like  bad roads resulting in accidents esp in monsoon, farmer support, urban issue on health, traffic, rising costs, housing and so on. But local elections in Sangli and Jalgaon have demonstrated that you cannot gauge public views.

Pune ::
The trend in state extended in normally peaceful. First time city suffered by street violence especially in adjoining areas where there is lot of socio-economic changes thanks to real estate bubble. People having sold land have nothing to do. Traffic is issue faced for everyone. Bad roads and failure of PMT need to be resolved. Lets be open to Metro despite hardships during build up phase for better change. Pune still remains good place despite these two issues. Pune has great people, culture, climate and so on. Water issue still depends on good monsoons

Now that monsoon first leg is done hope you had good treks, long drive /rides, Kanda bhaji, wada pavs, bhuttas etc, we now embrace season of festivals starting with Shravan, Independence day, Nagpanchami, Rakhi, Janmasthami, Ganapati, Dusshera , Kojagiri and Diwali after with we will look forward to 2019 the litmus test for govt. Have a great time. Time flies with 2018 more than 2/3 rd of it gone.

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