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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Edition 5: Greetings

The most common greetings in Marathi are na-ma-skaa-r, na-ma-stve and raa-m, raa-m. But modern Marathi person (maa-tnoo-s) use some of English greetings as frequently. Some greetings are very specific to English and are used by Marathi person as they are. e.g. "good afternoon, good evening, good day" etc. So, you'll do okay using English greetings in Marathi cities.
Hi na-ma-STe
Hello na-ma-SKaa-r
How are you ka-sa kaa-y?
Fine DTHi-k
Thank you dha-NYa-waa-dv
Excuse Me / Sorry maa-f ka-raa
All right tdhi-ka aa-he, ba-ro-ba-r
Okay DTHi-k
Good bye ba-raa-ya ye-tvo
See you later a-chhchhaa, na-N-tara bhe-tu-yaa

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