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Monday, October 8, 2018

Cityblog Feature: NayakGiri: Monthly Review: WhatsUP October Fest

He came , He saw and He conquered us for ten days and made us longing for more and then departed creating a feeling of sadness but his promise to return next year keeps us going. As the fortnight to remember the departed  coming to close, now we head towards nine nights filled with Dandiyas, Bhondalas, Poojas to the tenth day when we celebrate Dussehra and challenge new frontiers. With Kojagiri fun and then festival of lights beckoning, we are promised with action packed October.

Pune has faced tragedies, crime and people have faced  many problems which existed from ages but are left without resolution. The water canal breach was very serious issue. Water is lifeline and how can we be so callous about it. Though no fatal casualties were reported but many poor people lost their livelihoods. We need permanent solutions and just cover up knee jerk actions. Pune need to have separate governing body for water management and don’t have to rely upon irrigation department. Both should have independent access to same resources allocated once for all. A full-time team should manage the coordination between irrigation dept and PMC water works.

Next tragedy was hoarding crash. It was again a man-made disaster due to negligence and corruption. City need signage policy and flexes should have blanket ban period. Many politicians will find it tough but those who fight for this ban will get lot of public goodwill.

Metro work has been officially awarded to Private companies but people are facing traffic issues due to unplanned activities and inefficiencies. We are waiting for conclusions from Hinjewadi traffic experiments. Crime is another issue with many issues effecting law and order. We need community patrol to assist police.

With 2019 coming in lot of political turmoil in all parties. BJP has though to rely upon Modi Shah effect as local leadership has failed to be in control.

Same at State level in Maharashtra. Only effective face is CM Fadanvis who seem to hang on despite whatever allies , opposition has tried  to blow vitriol on his office. The caste card , divide and rule policies by opposition has created lot of damage to credibility of Govt. Many developmental issues still are pending. Toll policy is not clear. Small Poor rural farmers and urban poor are suffering. State Finances still is matter of concern. But CM seems to have handle on bureaucracy. Some how ally party and its cousin party are playing wait and watch politics. Their role in 19 will be crucial.

At National Level we had financial crisis of falling Rupee, Rise in oil prices, IL&FS meltdown. But solace is reduction of NPAs for banks, Increase in tax collections and fiscal discipline. But seems like there is go slow policy on bringing justice for defaulters outside country and followup on Swiss bank details. Market crashed as everywhere in the world. Overall mood is depressing in market ahead of festiive season. Some landmark and interesting developments are awaited in Business in ecommerce, retail, aviation, telecom.

Supreme courts have been delivering landmark judgments be it Ram Mandir, Sabarimala, 377, Adultery. Though its debatable if issues like Ram Mandir even if it can be treated as land title suit objectively or issues like Sabarimala cannot be a court room issues as they deal with something that is relative. So strong opinions on both sides are obvious.

India did commendably task by signing deal with Russia and also working with Iran for its oil needs despite US pressure. Its take on Pak on UNGA was appropriate. They need to work out with same resolve on trade tarriffs and H1 issue.

On Rafael deal there is lot of noise without getting feedback from some party who should be the only one dealing with the issue. That party is neither ruling nor the opposition party but defense ministry and IAF. But opposition having tried for 4 years finally found a issue though not technically supported by facts, finally found an issue they can discredit the government. The SC issues and Rafeal issue may impact 19 for sure. But again we saw opposition failing to unite in MP and Rajasthan as BSP decided not to join hands with Cong. SP and Cong still working out. Issues already starting between Congress and NCP. Five states will help us gauge national mood for 19.

This is same as in US where primaries will define the mood. With victory on Kavanaugh issue and best job situation stats and growing economy, GOP have good chances. Dems played their cards poorly. Also institutions like NAFTA, Nato , EU and UN face a threat due to pressure tactics. With developments like China US trade war, ship issue, Interpol chief missing, it will be curios to observe Chinese tactics. Natural calamities are turning graver as we saw in Indonesian Tsunami. Syria issue as well as Iran bombings/sanctions etc will be test of International diplomacy of all states involved in Middle East.

Nobel prizes were declared with Female recipient in Physics after many years. Cancer research scientists also got attention.

Film industry also awaits festive season but important issue highlighted was harassment of new comers by established. There can be many serious such incidences which may have been suppressed by mighty. But the case of Datta vs Nana sound more or publicity gaining tactics by accuser. Seems like some systematic campaign to malign those who challenge conventional coterie and interest group

Markets all over the world tumbled. IT industry still needs to map its future as we head towards AI/Analytics/DevOps/Clouds but its global nature is hampered by restrictive policies. Many predict worst recession thanks to bad wrong business fundamentals. Lets hope they are wrong. 

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Also lets Indian cricket team prove critics wrong in Australia after losing in England. Some players will get chance to improve averages against WI in tests but limited over cricket is different ball game with WI. Its going to add flavour to October fest.

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