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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edition3: House Decoration

Over the last few years, interest in home decorating has virtually exploded. It seems as though everyone wants to decorate their homes with an updated look, but many are hesitant to try. Often it's because they're short on time, or money, or both. By following a few simple decorating tips, everyone can give their homes a fresh new style, no matter what their schedules or budgets.
One simple decorating tip is paint. A new color or texture can liven up a room, and sometimes it's the only decorating change you need. New wallpaper is another tip for giving walls a different look, and some go with just a simple stencil design.
While the walls may be the obvious choice for change when decorating, there are also some easy ways to give your furniture a new look. Slipcovers are a simple way to work in a different color scheme decoration, and they are available in endless shades and patterns. Refinishing and/or decorating tables, chairs and other pieces can also be fairly easy. Paints and stains are once again a simple decorating tip. Still looking for more decoration ideas? Here's a tip: look out the window. Window treatments are an easy, affordable decoration that can create a very different look with minimal fuss. Don't stop decorating once you've freshened up your walls, windows and furniture. Pillows, pretty bottles and other whimsical items are small decorations that make a big difference. Candles are another easy tip that decorate a room a nice look and smell. With these simple tips, your home will be looking like new before you can say “decorating made easy.”
People decorated their homes room-by-room, using a coordinating theme only within one room for many years. Today, there is a new mindset in home decorating. Coordinating decorating themes are being implemented throughout an entire house, bringing the separate decorating elements together to tie into one central coordinating decorating theme.
Some of the most popular decorating themes which are being used to decorate in today's coordinated schemes are classic, modern, earthy, or country coordinated themes.
The Italian or French Country decorating theme tends to coordinate rich colors such as burgundies, deep reds and even a trendy, new coordinating shade called Bordeaux, which is nearly black. These colors decortes elements from rugs to wall treatments and even kitchen cabinets. In fact, the kitchen is fast becoming a popular starting point for rooms that are decorated coordinated .
Kitchens used to lag behind in the race toward a new home decorating theme, but that isn't the case anymore. The newly popular Bordeaux shade which is becoming so prevalent to coordinate with in the decorating world, already commonly decorates kitchens. Black and other dark finishes have historically been fashionable themes in wood pieces, and the latest country themes are no exception. The decorating scheme's traditional deep, rich colors complement nearly every wood finish. Whether you choose to decorate with a modern theme or follow the trend toward country-style decorating, there is a way to use a coordinated look to decorate your entire house.

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