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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At your Service…

Everyone wants to grab something good whenever they get time to spend an evening with family or friends. And when it’s a special occasion, we look for something especial. Barbeque Nation is a place that might fulfill all your dreams of having a nice ambience, soft music, different cuisines and lot more.
Barbeque Nation took care of its customer. Keeping the on-going festive season, they hosted Veggieque which was especially for their pure vegetarian customers. During this, which started from September 1 till September 11, they had various dishes which were made keeping in mind the taste of those who are either pure vegetarian or turn vegetarian during the Ganesha festive.
Barbeque has a concept of cooking half prepared food in front of the customers to help them serve really hot. For starters, they had mixture of taste which would serve the appetite. They had Bucket Mushroom, Grilled Veg, Kaju Spicy Potato, Pineapple, Corns to name a few. They had chilly, medium chilly, crispy, sweet, sour taste so that you won’t get bore by having starters which are almost of one taste. The starters served here are unlimited. The items mentioned are normally present there. They also serve soft and hard drink of your choice along with the dinner.

To add better taste to your starters, they also have marination of different types like Mustard Vinegar, Lemon Honey, and Black pepper Vinegar to add little spice in your starters. One can have starters and can enjoy the cold breeze while slow music is being played at background. You also an option to add more taste by adding ‘dips’ to your starters. ‘Dips’ are available in Garlic Maynaise, Spicy chili Sauce, Pineapple tomato sauce.
When you are finished having your starters and would like to move to the main course, you can bend the flag in your table to discontinue your starter’s service. Once you did that, you can proceed towards the meal. As it was the festive season, they actually had special items in their vegetarian food. All the veggie foods were prepared separately keeping in mind the emotion and respecting the belief of consumers.  Once done with starters, you can start with your meal which is served in buffet. To begin with, you have various kinds of salad ranging from taste and region. If you wish to have soups, then they have various kinds of soups which change every day. They serve Cream Broccoli, Almond soup, Cottage cheese soup, Lemon and coriander soup, Cream free creasy and Burnt Garlic and roasted Pumpkin soup.
The salad will surely help you to increase your appetite and would make you wonder about what is there next. In main course, you are being served with around 6 different vegetables and two types of dal served with your choice of Indian bread. For the Veggieque, the special item was ‘Bangain Khurma’. This dish, which is basically from Kashmir, prepared keeping in mind the taste of people belonging to this region. It was prepared with cooked ‘baingan’ dipped in curd. The curd, according to original recipe, is sweet but trying to maintain the taste of locals, they have added little spice which makes it perfect to eat. ‘Tawa Aloo’ is another dish which might interest you, which is served on daily basis. They also serve two types of dal; Dal-e-dum, which is just like Dal Makhni but is made up of black dal and is much better that you get outside and Dal Tadka, a tadka which is prepared like the original from Punjab.
The meals are unlimited and there is no restriction on having it. You can have it as many times as you want and as much as you want. But the one thing is sure, even if you are full, the desire of having it more will be there till you leave.
But even if you want to full your stomach with the delicious meal, you have to save space once you look at the desserts.  You have pastries, Walnut puddings and the special attraction, ‘Angoori Gulabjamun’. These gulabjamuns are in the shape of grapes and so soft that they melt inside your mouth easily. They are prepared with rich ingredient to give you the taste of original one’s.
No matter what your taste is. No matter what religion you belong to. You surely would like to come here again and again as they serve you the best they could. The kitchen is different for vegetarian and non-vegetarian. A place which takes care of its customer’s choice and offer them the cuisines from round the Nation and World with the very good ambience, is hard to see. They also offer fabulous dishes in non-vegetarian. If you really want to have taste of some rich foods, surely visit Barbeque Nation, for once. It won’t cost you much but you will return with a feel of satisfaction in your heart which can be seen in your face. Bon Appetite!


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  2. my mouth is watering already...cant wait to go there and enjoy all the dishes...