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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reserved for women

With the recent decision, women will have equal reservation in the Pune Municipal corporation election that will happen soon. This has raised eyebrows as women are always considered as a person who should sit at home and take care of the house. This has also questioned that does these women will be able to manage the wards or will just end up being a puppet in someone else’s hand.

As it always happens, when something new happens, there are people who support and people who oppose. This has happened in this situation too. People who are opposing the decision made have their point that as this will come into execution, the existing corporators would not like to go their area from their hands like that. To avoid this, they might contest any of the ladies names from their house so that the control remains in their hand. This has also happened in past and the result of which can be seen when all the important meetings are attended by the gents in spite of the lady members.
Initially, there were 144 wards which are now increased to 152. This was taken in consideration after the census of 2011. According to this, each panel will have 2 members; 1 male and 1 female. As female are allowed to contest in open and in every category, which is restricted to the male candidate, there are chances that male may appoint one female candidate so that the chances of losing the control of that particular place will get very less. In such cases, the number which is restricted to 76 panel might increase to 80 and even more.
Ranjit Shirole, MNS Leader, says, “The decision might have been taken thinking about the more involvement of women but then this might end up in something else which will again harm the society, at large”. Normally, women are not interested in politics as they are been taught to take care of the household. But unlike any other case, exceptions do happen.
Shrikant Shirole, a prominent leader and father of Ranjit, says, “Whenever there is a change, people take time to accept it. This rule is just the first step in moving towards the better society”. According to him, women need to change the mentality and need to come out the comfort level that they have. As they say, a woman can understand the pain of another woman. When there is a male member in an area, naturally, he won’t be able to help women in every aspect even though he wishes to. A woman might not feel comfortable in sharing many personal problems that she would feel with lady corporators. This would restrict the service towards the society.
Today, when women have reached many places and achieved many achievements, then they shouldn’t be restricted to come into this field. “When we talk of development and equality, then women also needs to enjoy that right. They were in home for long days but now, for the betterment of society, they need to come and work for it. Having this kind of opportunity will help then to show their talent. There are many who have showed their caliber and are showing it”, added Shrikant. Indira Gandhi, Pratibha Patil, Mayawati, Jaylalitha, and many more are the examples to those ladies who think a woman can’t get into politics and can’t look after the society. “Those who think that a woman can’t get into politics, they should go and see the history where they have done great works. Be it Rani Laxmi Bai or Indira Gandhi, when a woman has decided to do something good, have done with full dedication”, added Shrikant.
This law might seem like forcing them to join politics, but then initially, this needs to be done. Law takes a period to get fully accepted in society. This is just a step towards that society where every people have a right to express themselves and should have a candidate who can understand their pain and work accordingly. Initially, there might be some problem but then should wait for the long run result. Hope this law which has been regulated for the betterment of the society achieves the main motive.

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