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Monday, January 18, 2010

Edition 7: 2010 Cricket calendar

Pakistan in Australia and England in S. Africa Continued
India in Bangladesh, 2010
(Jan 17 - Jan 28)
Tri-Series in Bangladesh, 2010
(Jan 04- Jan 13)
South Africa in India (2 Tests, 3 ODI)
Bangladesh in New Zealand, 2010
(Feb 03 - Feb 19)
Australia in New Zealand, 2010
(Feb 26 - Mar 31)
England in Bangladesh, 2010
(Feb 28 - Mar 24)
MARCH 2010
Indian Premier League, 2010
(Mar 12-Apr 25)
APRIL 2010
ICC World Twenty20, 2010
(Apr 30 - May 16)
MAY 2010
Bangladesh in England, 2010
(May 27 - Jul 12)
Australia Vs Pakistan in England July 2010
Pakistan in England Aug Sep

The Ashes, 2010-11
(Nov 25 - Jan 07)
India in South Africa
Dec 2010

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