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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Edition8 : Tukaram Ombale

He was Asst Sub Inspector at D B Marg Police station who killed one and captured one of the beasts who ran amock at CST,Kama hosp etc. here is the report.
On the night of 26-27 November, Ombale and several other policemen were on alert in the Girgaum Chowpatty area. They had been told that two terrorists were on the run in a Skoda. The twenty policemen out there had a grand total of two self-loading rifles and two bullet-proof vests. The vests were given to the men with the rifles, who were placed at vantage points around metal barricades. The rest of the policemen carried only lathis (batons)); some were plain clothesmen, others in uniform.Those (virtually unarmed) policemen tried to stop the Skoda. The driver fired at them. The police shot back from the pre-determined vantage point and got him. The other man slid out, pretending to surrender, but carrying an AK-47.Ombale rushed to secure him when the terrorist started pumping away with the AK-47. Call it guts or instinct but Tukaram Gopal Ombale refused to let go of his assailant. I am told that something like 30 bullets were recovered from his body.His colleagues took advantage of Ombale's last act as they rushed at the terrorist with their lathis. The plainclothesmen were later identified as a 'mob' in grainy footage shot by someone on a mobile phone!Tukaram Gopal Ombale died for his bravery. Assistant Police Inspector Sanjay Govilkar received bullet injuries. But those ordinary policemen -- some in their forties, laughably ill-equipped -- succeeded in doing what nobody else could, they captured a terrorist on a suicide mission alive. They also recovered artillery dwarfing their modest weapons -- AK-47s, several magazines, 9mm pistols, and grenades.
Hats off: what could have made Sir Tukaram Ombale act like what he did.
Attitude towards duty, love for country, hatred towards killers of his collegaues and seniors (assuming he had heard), or just plain uninhibited umbrage you associate towards cops addressing a ordinary criminal (which he must have thought). The last case seems least probable as already terror alert was there. It must be combo of above three. Sometimes ordinary people render extraordinary response in such events. Thats human spirit. Thanks to this human spirits, beasts in the world will never succeed. Normal Human tendency is to live and let live. only beasts can not value others live whatever excuse & propaganda they provide. People will forget Tukaram Ombale amidst lists of others (whose sacrifice is no lesser). Yuvraj singh gets 6 crores for hitting 6 sixes in an over, Bindra gets more for olympic gold, Shah Rukh, Big B get 10 crores per ad, Sania gets lot of money for nothing, but participating in first round of US Open & getting lost. Local corporator gets unofficial bribe amounting to Rs 1 lakh per month from specific builders for passing plans.
I dont know how much MPs and MLAs earn, you can extrapolate.
what will Ombale's family get: 20 Lakhs onetime+pension:
is it proportionate? Life is unfair, not to blame film and sportstars, but definitely yes politicians who have empowered beasts to let loose amidst votebank politics, corruption, incapabilty, chaos...
hats off to Sir Tukaram Ombale..

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