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Monday, January 18, 2010

Edition 7: Hope

I experienced last sunset of 09 at a very 'hatke' location: desert (paradox being the most deprived geography landing up to be most extravagant in infrastructure and consumer driven spending thanks to another natural resource).
I experienced the first sunrise of 2010. It market the old making the way for new and underlining the most constant thing in life which is Change. Wish this change is not just the change of calendar. let this mark change in self, family, surroundings, society, country, and finally the world .
Time to change self: It takes a lot of time to correctly find one's strengths. Let us all be able to that to help us find real happiness in meeting the challenges that matter to us most based on those strengths. Let us overcome weaknesses, anxieties, strife within oneself. Let us find path towards something which gives us real joy and avoid something which we do out of external compulsions .One though has to do those things as compromise, no one can run away and even while we do that let us have all the conviction that will result in clarity and peace. It was part of greater picture. let us all always have greater picture all the time..... And let's not waste time which is the most precious resource... else we might end up again changing calendars.
Family: let there be dialogue, let there be no external influences; ego, money, fame, comparison within relationships. Idea should be 100% love and understanding without any expectations. That's the key
Surroundings: lets resolve to at least not damage surroundings if we cannot improve: spiritual, visual, physical and chemical. Lets all have vision to be able to make positive changes to place where we live, work, commute and play.
Society: we need a lot of ground work and discipline especially here in India. We succeed individually but fail collectively. There is a need for all to contribute positively in each one's capacity. Need to take responsibility. Let there be end to the biggest blot on us: Corruption. let there be a collective drive to end that.
Let my country have great leadership and eradicate corruption. Let there be a lot of innovation in each sector of my country. let there be accountability.
On world stage: biggest challenge is conflict management. Let there be cool heads to come to the table and have dialogue. Environment and resource distribution is challenge we should address else we may not leave any future for our next generations. Let the economies get rolling by some good planning and lack of greedy speculations.
Have I wished impossible things? That's where hope is. I hope that we make right changes. No harm in hoping. ..

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