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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Edition 8: Innovations

On the 9th of December, 2009,’Innovations’ Pune, put up their Annual Day Programme. The School is one of three schools run by the Shreemangesh Memorial Education Society.The theme of the Programme was ‘Circus’. The crowd was mesmerised as the tiny children dressed as clowns and strong men, lions and monkeys, elephants and bears and jugglers were led by a self-assured little Ringmaster dressed in a smart, red coat through the song and dance programme. The confidence of the tiny tots was amazing. They carried out their roles with great enthusiasm and were rewarded with continuous applause from the audience. They really got into their roles and even helped each other out once in a while. The little ones were completely spontaneous and completely free of stage-fright. It was really a trip down memory lane, successfully capturing the excitement and evoking memories of a childhood visit to the Circus. The programme ended with a Christmas tableau and the children playing percussion instruments to the tunes of Popular Christmas Carols. They looked like little angels and delighted all present at the function. It was a pleasure and quite honestly surprising to see them so well behaved and confident. The Programme was attended by Parents, various Principals of Schools in the City and by Members of the Society. The Chief Guest, Mrs. Kiran Bedi, whose granddaughter attends Innovations, was fulsome in her praise of the School. Mrs. Verma, in her address, spoke of the vision of the society to provide a first class education to children, especially in rural areas, and also of the Society’s plans for the future. She thanked the Guests and Parents for their support of the School and Mrs. Bedi for sparing the time to come for the programme.The Society was founded in 2002 by Mrs. Shilpa Verma in memory of her late uncle Shree Mangesh Singh Bayas. At present the Society’s schools are near Baramati, in Aurangabad and Koregaon Park in Pune, with two more planned in Mumbai and Tirthapura. The pre-school sections have specially researched curriculum, which aims to inspire the child’s innate sense of involvement resulting in his/her evolution and enabling them to express his/her self to the maximum. Their curriculum combines the best of play school methodologies in the curriculum to give scope to every child to create, discover, interact and become self confident as they master various skills while at school. Their vision is to form a chain of International schools all over India and help create the bright minds of India’s tomorrow.

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